St Johns River Cruise Celebrates 30 Years With Glass Water and Perfect Sunshine!

man they are happy

All the way from Montana!

Wow! We got two reports in last night, one with a phone call from Paul Harrison, you said Mondays ride was a fantasy perfect day, on glass like water with just a bunch of folks out having a blast!

fla glass

Like Butta!

And thank goodness, one from Chris and Julie Bullen with photos and some copy. Here is the report.

big gar triple

Big Gar triple

It’s the 30th year for the St John’s river cruise. Yup the club set up to preserve the old classic boats are themselves old classics. After a very snowy winter up in the north country (many of us know it’s still very much winter up there) we left the great white north in between snowstorms. Drove all the way to Charlotte NC. A 15hr day to avoid potential freezing rain in the morning back in the mountains.

larry's day not so perfect

Larry’s day not so perfect!

We made it and can take some big warm Florida air breaths, Its very calm and warm down here, ahh ! worth the crazy drive. This year’s weather has chased a bunch of boats south – 27 are on this cruise, 3 all the way from Ontario.

the other 2 ontario boats Peter and son Jeff Breen family built boats

the other 2 Ontario boats Peter and son Jeff Breen family built boats

That’s 80 people to keep in line, feed and keep happy, not sure how they do it every year – Guy and Laurie are true champs.

guy and Laurie Marvin

Guy and Laurie Marvin

Due to hurricane Matthew, a few things have changed, fuel stops and the Crab shack is no longer with us. Instead it was a delicious BBQ lunch provided by Elk Lodge volunteers at their quant location on the river.

al and margert herr

Al and Margert Herr

Then off to Palatka for some much need refreshment.


Oh boy! Karen and Shannon enjoying warm weather!

Everyone took off like they had an itch they had to scratch, or it was a bunch of northerners who had not been on the water in months – unfortunately that means not so many pictures today as we were too spread out.

show tow

And of course, you know what we always say. “It Aint A Boat Show until someone gets towed in” Sandi says Hi!

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  1. Royce A. Humphreys
    Royce A. Humphreys says:

    Looks like fun, sure miss not having a boat down there this year. See you all in atavates on Thursday! Hope Larry got his boat straightened out!

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Thanks to all for the great river cruise coverage. It’s just like being there except I don’t have to put on the sun screen!

    • Rick
      Rick says:

      Greg I keep telling myself that here in NY but it really isn’t working. I think I’d rather be putting on that sunscreen.

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Tomorrow it will be 13 in the morning when I leave home and 87 by mid afternoon when I reach the Best Western. I can’t wait to see that big bright thing you guys call the “Sun”

  4. Carla
    Carla says:

    Heading that way myself on Thursday am. Hagerty will be “in the house” (alright, booth) as of mid-day Thursday. Please swing by and say hello. Safe travels to all that are enroute…plane, train, automobile or BOAT!!

        • m-fine.come
          m-fine.come says:

          LOL, I remember that! Late September is not the most dependable weather timing for a Fingerlakes visit, but it sure beats February or March. The last two weeks we had hurricane force winds that took power out for 4+ days followed by 30″ of snow. The weather in Tavares will be better.

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