St. Johns River Cruise Tuesday – Part 2 We Are Now Under Way


Captain Jim and his First Class crew are on board and now under way, leaving Palatka en route to Crescent Lake. And old “Lucky 7” is doing what she does best today.

Captain Jim is welcoming his passengers just like on American Airlines… “Welcome on board Lucky 7 today – We are expecting calm seas today – Please remain seated with your PFD’s secured at all times and all electronic devices TURNED OFF until further notice”…

And most of the passenegers and crew obey the Captain’s orders… Well ALMOST ALL THE PASSENGERS…

The U-22’s rear passeneger seat can be a little wet at times as the Woodyboatress and Karen have discovered…

Captains First Assistant Johnny Kadimik was put in charge of crowd control and passenger safety. For anyone who has never experienced a St Johns River Cruise, the back country sights through central Florida are magnificent – especially when it’s 80 degrees.

Spreading the Sons of Varnish gospel…

Fellow St Johns River participants aboard their cool Chris-Craft Triple enjoying the fun…

Next – We cross Crescent Lake… Stay Tuned!


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  1. ARRRGH!
    ARRRGH! says:

    Looking good, gang! We remember the fun times on the St Johns in years before. Tell Mike Hagan “HI” for us. We’re cruising Lake Dora -Woody Boaters arriving by the thousands!

  2. Alex
    Alex says:

    Hey Matt, that facial expression is the same one you had when you were in Seth’s big Donzi last fall. Does Lucky 7 also do over 100 mph?  Or are you just scared of boating when you’re not behind the wheel?

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      John – Thanks for commenting… I would love to discover the wooden boats and history in the Adirondack’s some time.

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