St. Johns River Cruise Tuesday – Part 3 Now Crossing Crescent Lake


Crossing Crescent Lake on board “Lucky 7” and the passengers are starting to wonder when the in-flight brunch is going to be served. Even when the weather is good, the larger open water can get rough but today, so far, she’s smooth going for Captain Jim and his assistant Johnny.  All the classic boats are keeping pace and everyone is enjoying the cruise.

As always, the big lapstrakes are right at home on Crescent Lake.

It’s always great to see a classic fiberglass Glaspar joining along for the cruise, and the Glaspar owners are expected to once again have a nice display at the boat show later this week in Tavares.

The traditional “Woody Boater Wave”…

And the traditional “Woody Boater Wave” back. Everyone who participates in these annual St Johns River Cruises just loves the camaraderie that’s shared with their fellow boaters, as they cruise together all day and socialize in the evenings along the route. It’s exactly what the classic boating hobby is all about…

As they make their way across the open water of Crescent Lake, the rear seat in “Lucky 7” is still a little wet – But the assistant Captain Johnny (Assitant Captain in Charge of Crowd Control) handed out dry towels to the passengers in the rear seats in an attempt to keep them calm during the turbulence…

Those passengers were also a little camera shy, not wanting to be recognized buy over 10,000 viewers on Woody Boater today.

Next stop – Crescent City for lunch. Stay Tuned.

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  1. Ronald
    Ronald says:

    Looks like a gentleman would be in the boat and let the women sit in the forward seats. HA must be yall are snickering at them every time a wake goes over the rear of the boat.We had the same problems a few years ago on the picnic cruise, all was soaked.

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