St Michael’s Antique & Classic Boat Show 2011

Pearl.. A Stunning 1930 Herreshoff harbor launch - previous owner Edsel Ford. Current owners. Benny & John Williams

Word to the wise. Show up to early to a boat show and… You get to see all your pals before the crowd shows up. The St michaels ACBS Antique & Classic boat Show did not disapoint. Great folks, Great Food, Great boats.. Great Weather.. What could be better? No traffic. I did the trip reverse rush hr. DANG! That is so the way to go.. Miss America IX was there in full plumage, along with some nice cruisers and the usual jaw droppers from Ebbie Dupont. Dang, his boats are PERFECT! and Rare.. Below are some fun shots from the event.

Fellow Woody Boater Phil Jones and his trusty Bucket..

Early Morning friday. Before the show opened.. Thats Jim Shotwells collection of small racers.. Go Jim Go!

Lymans, Large Lushious Lymans.. Love those Lymans!

Miss America IX from a different angle

This ones for you Jerri...sal I am say'n - Charles Mistle has a great sense of humor..

Winner of the coolest Cruiser on the planet.. Billy Bunting' 1935 Consolidated Trunk Cabin Sedan Cruiser. Twin 454's and open rear cabin that in my mind saves these sorts of cruisers opening up capt and guests.. AC on board. This is one fun boat, and is slated to be at the Reedville boat show in September

And the OH LOOK A PONY award goes to a Killer Lancer in the feild of dreams. 660 orig hours, Orange Orange interior.. New 350 engine. I want this boat... Outdrive... Still love it though..

Ya think you have a big Bow? There is always someone with a bigger bow than you..

I had to leave at 11, and got out of there at 2, it kept getting better and better. i was passing very cool stuff on the road coming in. DANG! This weekend is always a large weekend for the family. There is still time to enjoy a great day Saturday and Sunday. St Michaels and the surrounding area are some of the most beautiful in the mid Atlantic and on the Chesapeake Bay.. And the museum is spectacular. This is a big time deal.. Keep up the Woody Waver Weekend! Matt

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  1. anonymous
    anonymous says:

    In the picture with Jim Shotwells collection there is a pool set up. Is that for one of the kids programs? That last picture had me thinking someone had mounted a torpedo on their bow. Talk about possible boating rage! Bet no one would flip you the finger if you did that.

  2. Pumpkin
    Pumpkin says:

    Yes, Matt, get the orange Lancer! I want to ride in it! And we can formation cruise with coordinated colors . . . while waving, of course!

  3. randy Rush-Captain Grumpy
    randy Rush-Captain Grumpy says:

    I went to St. Michaels for a show 4 years ago. Its a really interesting town to walk around in.

  4. Patrick Roberts
    Patrick Roberts says:

    Thanks for reporting from these shows I am unable to attend, woodyboater. I really appreciate the photos and your reporting.


  5. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    I was there, missed you Matt?

    fewer boats but good quality and a perfect day….

    John in Va.

  6. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    Hey Thanks for the pictures. Love that old style Lyman hull. What a fun boat. Wish I was there to beg for a ride.

  7. Phillip Jones
    Phillip Jones says:

    Matt, Betty Boop got Competitors choice Best Runabout, and ACBS Most Original. Also One of the guy’s at the show arranged for four young people with special needs to go for a boat ride on Southern Cross’ and they got to experience the joy of that fantastic gift of giving, made my day.

  8. WAYNE
    WAYNE says:


  9. jerri
    jerri says:

    TOO Funny on the hugging photo-Chuck you’re a good sport! Thank you for doing that for me.

    Phil, I thought of you and your bucket while I was reading “Run before the wind” by Stuart Wood. The line that said “There is no better bailer that a scared man and a bucket”. Great story…. . wish I were there.

  10. Capt. Jim Shotwell
    Capt. Jim Shotwell says:

    An answer to anonymous: Yes that is a pool for the “Small boats for kids” program sponsored by Hagerty Insurance, Antique Boat America, Capt. Jim Shotwell-Marine Transport and starting next season, WoodyBoater. We supply any chapter that ask with the boats and its FREE thanks to the generous support of the sponsors. Last season we gave out 700 and thats a lot of happy kids. Also, while I wish all the race boats in the photos were mine they are not. One is and the display is part of a new “Build a J Class Race Boat” program we are working on to introduce young folks to the joys of ABPA Junior Class Racing.

  11. Dale Harris
    Dale Harris says:

    Hooray for the CYCA. Two of our boats took gold at St.Michael’s.
    Bill and Jo Ellyn’s “Trouper II” is a stunning vessel and took “Best cruiser 40′ and Under” and “Best in Show”! Bob and Renee Holsclaw’s 1961 Greenwich cruiser “Mon-Arque” took “Best Cruiser over 40′. The owners of both vessels are absolute sweethearts and certainly deserve the awards. In my opinion “Mon-Arque” should have gotten Most Original. It’s original down to the cabin carpeting, original furniture, and unmolested twin Palmers. Past Commodore Bob Holsclaw is 84 years old and maintains everything but electrical and engine systems on the boat himself. It was especially funny that Renee Holsclaw made everyone take off their shoes before boarding. Even the judges! If anyone with a classic boat wants to join us go www. and click on the membership info link. Yes, I am the webmaster and I am biased!

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