Steve Lapkin Delivers The First Round Of The Dora Shoot Out.

A study in Blonde

First the “Ado”. These shoot outs are one of my favorite things to report on. This year we have Steve Lapkin and Kent O. Smith at it again, just like we did back in the day. Yup, its been that long. This year I was able to be there in human form and see these guys in action. WOW. Being at this as an Art Director for over 40 years, I so deeply appreciate what they do. Its true art, and a serious production.

Photo shoot for Grand Craft. Stay Tuned!

Photos like this just don’t happen, it takes an eye, timing, skill and a lot of luck when the shots look spontaneous.  And thats the editorial part. To set up a series of shots is a mind game. Seriously dangerous and requires deep knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.  So I bow to thee Mr Lapkin and Mr Kent O.

Now with no further ado.. The shots.

Photo ops were part of the fun. 

Smooth ride.

Lets go

party on the canal

More party

The turn and smile

Splash fun

Lets Go!

Chris Wise and my favorite boat.. Yes its plastic fantastic

The official Wave of Summer

under cover

Barrel Back perfection.

Blue Arabian!

More under cover

Blub blub

Really? Them again..

Blue Waves

Smile you are on Woody Boater


Another brother with a cover

Another cover.. I think Steve has this covered.. Its a cover joke. Ya know if you have to explain the joke, its not funny. Which of course makes me the joke, and thats funny, and all I want is a small chuckle for you this morning. mThere, we are covered.. no? Sorry, lets just move on here.

Lets eat. Ya, no boats.. Thats a nice table though.

Thats the site of one happy dude

Love me some simple wheels.

Even simpler

Blue Arabian Wheel

Says it all

Steve! This sort of smut is not allowed here. Really? Some Bow to Butt shots?

More wheel shots

A pull out from the wheel shot

Water on the water

I have mixed feelings on this one

Love love love the branch zzz

Oh boy. This is a gang of trouble

Sunrise on Lake Dora

Palm Tree’s and moody sky

Small and fun

Under cover with the Turners in an amazing Aristo Craft

Saw them on 95 on the way there! Great to them here.

The flag!

Take a bow shot Steve! Well Done


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    • Tavares Tom
      Tavares Tom says:

      The majority of these photos were shot from the bow of my pontoon boat during the parade to and from the picnic.

      • Diana Leighton and Mike Lizon
        Diana Leighton and Mike Lizon says:

        Yes the pictures of Chuck and Jackie Deadman’s Bucket List ride to the picnic was awesome. Thanks Chuck and Jackie for the enjoyable ride. We sure got some exposure with our group ride. I like the comment…..”really them again”.

  1. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Great stuff…the little red plastic mini cruiser…see them at all the show…NEVER met them…but are they not from Virginia?
    Great pix guys, many thanks. I know I missed a great show…and am certain I ducked a flying to Orlando ordeal.

    John in Va.

  2. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    The boats are beautiful, but that Sunrise on Lake Dora photo is absolutely stunning!

    I see the name Time, on one of the boats. That’s what we named our Malibu, when we took delivery in late ’98. Seen here during the last gasp that sealed the decision to put modern power on the Aristocraft.

  3. Capt. Slats
    Capt. Slats says:

    The pics are AWESOME! Can almost feel the sunshine from here in Wisconsin. I could stare at photos of Chris Craft Holidays and Blue Arabians all day.

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