Steve Lapkin Reports Live -ish In From Priest Lake. OH STAY TUNED! It’s Gonna Be A Shoot Show Of Shots This Week


OH YA! Being towed in. SHOWS ARE BACK!

Here we go. Get ready. We have a whopper report coming in from Niagara from Kent O. Smith and today a “pre” view International teaser from Steve Lapkin. Oh hell to the ya! Here is the report from Steve. Take it away.


George Country….a stone’s throw from the Canadian – Idaho border. We’re ‘way out west.” Brian and Kathy Fair, our hosts (in pink Sheriff and Deputy t’s) – got me out on-the-water yesterday for a ‘pre’ view.


A quick stop at their lakefront dock got me a few clicks of their latest prize (winner) –

The perfect boat


another “1955 Arabian Blue-Gray (sister to Philip’s Casper down in Wellington. Very handsome restoration by Fred…..(last name I need to get) – who is based in Montana. I sent Duster a few first-snaps yesterday: he replied – “wowzers, what a peach!”….”very nice stain job and top quality finish; stunning.”

Overheard.. “Ya, the engine is perfect, I think though, just sayn here, ya need a bigger flag there”

Notes: this is a BIG body of water; dude in the ‘red/white/blue outfit is outgoing ACBS Board President, Tim Bush, giving his ‘opinion’ to the 1948 20-foot Custom, Beautiful Day.

Alright enough jabbering, Let’s go out for some riding

On the water, all day, day two. The entire length of the lake to ourselves. Complete with an on-the-water BBQ lunch catered afloat. Over 35 boats of every marque. Everyone loved it!

Best Buddies make the best boat buddies

Traffic Jamming

Okay this looks like fun for sure

Oh Hell ya!


Heaven, pure heaven

Pink is the new.. Well.. Pink!

Grey skies + warm mahogany = LIFE

OKAY there is a story here, I get to make it up, so just enjoy, and my apologies to the actors.. Hey! No captions. Its open season at someone’s expense..

No, it’s this way? Marge… What way? that way. No over there. BETTY, Take this exit, no, go to the next one. What’s for dinner dear.

Where are they? You told me there are some old boats out here Bob? Bob?    Dad, listen, I am trying my best. Bob, ya told me there would be some old boats out here… DAD! BOB!

Tom, Bobs Dad is calling me asking if there are any old boats out here? TOM? Bobs Dad is calling.. Tom..

Oh, I hear Bob’s dad is looking for us?  Floor it, we can keep this going for hours

Bert, Bob and Toms dads are looking for us? Oh.. no, Bobs Dad is nuts. Then again, we are all nuts. Bert? shouldn’t the engine be on? Oh.. that explains a lot. It’s the key Bert. THE KEY!!!!

On to Coeur d’ Alene on Tuesday for the ACBS International Boat Show and Annual Meeting. More to come.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Great shots. Glad to see our Michigan gang friends in Hotsy Totsy made it and are out having fun. Thanks for the report.

  2. Ron in Seattle, oops Priest Lake!
    Ron in Seattle, oops Priest Lake! says:

    I am NOT getting a bigger flag! Yup, V-8, 100 pounds lighter, 100 more HP.
    I have never seen so many woodies on the water at once before! Kathy & Brian are amazing, Priest Lake is checked off the bucket list, a “must do”. Wish I had been here when Dick was with us…


    “Priest” Lake, Idaho………..mahalo, Matt!

    Amazing hosts…….thank you Brian & Kathy Fair and family, Hills Resort, Elkins Resort, Tim Murphy for providing the perfect photo platform – a veteran 17-foot Montauk!

  4. Kathy Fair
    Kathy Fair says:

    Great time! Weather held out, smiles by all. Always love the people, super nice group. Resorts very appreciative. Only thing missing was Dick Werner, but no doubt, he was watching from Heaven.

  5. Richard Daley
    Richard Daley says:

    Would have been there with boats in tow.
    Except Mr Biden would not open the border to us Canadian members. Very disappointed we could not attend.
    You all have fun without us.
    Happy boating

  6. Terry "Bone Daddy" Deems
    Terry "Bone Daddy" Deems says:

    Wow what a fun Pre-Events we had!….Brian/ Kathy Fair, the Yandt’s, Mike Boge, Dick Winn, and all of the many, many other volunteers made this one of the best ever, and I have been to a bunch..Yes the weather held up, smooth water, great new friends, and smooth whiskey…My buddy David Kraker from Minneapolis had the time of his life…Off now to the Spokane River Run and BBQ…Then the Show…OO0000 Ya

  7. Steve Hurley
    Steve Hurley says:

    I cannot be more thankful to Brian and Kathy (and all the other great members) for their hard and successful work, and for making me (a Californian, but don’t tell anyone) feel welcome in the wilds of Idaho. I’m looking forward to the day I can visit Priest lake again.

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