Steve Natales Report From Tahoe Just Got Here From Appalachia. Don’t Ask, It’s Complicated.

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Whhhhhhhaaaatttt? You mean there are two boats named Sweet Pea.. WTH? COPYRIGHT!!!!!

Looooooong time fellow Woody Boater Steve Natale reports in from Lake Tahoe. Steve BTW has gone on to become a Youtube star in the classic car universe. Links below. Anyway, Steve Natale’s images got here late yesterday, while the other Steve…LAPKIn to just add to the confusion. His story is locked up in a file that needs permission to get. And well at 6 Am this morning..3AM his morning, I wasn’t going to ask. Its Saturday after all. So, to recap. We have a report from a Steve. So shut up, and enjoy. OH and don’t confuse all this with the Hessel Show that we will get reports in from . Alex, Chad and Matt B are there. Lock up your old ladies, and farm animals! I SAID, DON’T ASK!

This is Steve Natale. Its his stuff. In hindsight one of their parents should have changed there names.. Maybe to Shawn, Sean, S…..AHHHHHH

Imagine this is 1962, the color the magic.. The cigarette smell, and okay never mind

Sarah Lee is one amazing Blue Arabian. Steve fell in love.. More below

Rings! Mr Katz’s and your ring obsession has made it across the country..

Those towels ROCK! ROCK ROCK..

Do not flop down on that playpen.. You may find a boat hook in your ..well..

OHHHH, It’s PROTO, On at Tahoe!

The names here and graphics are perfect.

That water, that light..

I wish I could see more of that lettering. WOW.. And some whicker sisters. I wonder if this is some of Noel Webbers work

Those HARVY’S Seats are so so so so cool.. Amazing touch.

Race ready..

Pigskin, orange seams. Incredible graphics. Head explode!

Always one of my Faves!

DAMMMMMMMMM Thats some big exaust there. Or are you just happy to see me?

A classic scene on Lake tahoe


I have mixed feelings here. I LOVE THE NAME, and the graphics. But I really don’t want to taunt the gods.. Why not change the name to Miss Sinkalot, or Flipper, or???

One of the most beautiful boats in the world. Right here.. BAM!

MISS TAHOE. Someone had to own the lake!

OH HELL YA! I so want to drive this little beast.. AHHHHHHH! My vote for coolest boat on the lake, planet.. AHHHHHHH

Mother of god!

BIG RIVA! And if I think I know who’s boat this is, then an aft shot is very appropriate.

WTH? This is like the future, the past, dreams, fantasies, and all of it all mashed up into one insane cool design! ALPHA Z – Designed Michael Peters Yacht Design – by Built by Van Dam Wood Craft

Back to Sarah Lee.

And here is Steve gushing all over Sarah Lee. I think the owners had to wipe it down after Steve shot it. Shot at it? On It? All The Above.. Oh boy.. Walking a fine line here..

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  1. Matt
    Matt says:

    Oh and I warned Steve a comment might come in.. HA !!! First one!!! We all know each other all to well.

  2. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    The Arabian design and restoration is just fabulous. Most will not appreciate all that went into the resto as well as its design significance but I sure do. Tahoe water is magical as well gives me an appreciation of all the clear water lakes of the northern states. I sure miss it being south of the Mason/Dixon where the water is just blue/green and you might want to check for objects not seen before you dive in. Great coverage from the Steve’s

  3. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Tahoe once again provides the creme de la creme!
    I love the V- drive triples ala Empress. I have my eye on a Hacker with that configuration that I would love to own.

  4. George Burgess
    George Burgess says:

    I just noticed that the fin on the Cobra Prototype is different. The top of the fin has a flat area rather than curved top. Also the rear light mast is located at the front of the flat area instead of at the apex of the curved top. At the Algonac/Clay Maritime Museum we have a Cobra fin that was found in a field in Algonac. We believe that this was a Pre-production sample because it is a fiberglass shell with a hole at the bottom front of the fin and the fin is curved at the top with a centered hole for the light mast. So the Prototype Cobra’s fin is a one of a kind!

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