Tahoe Ban On 2 Strokes Not Slowing Down The Show.

“Little Pal” Fellow Woody Boater Norm’s nice Tollycraft being lowered into the water

The big lake Tahoe Show is off to a non roaring start.  Lake Tahoe, 2 stroke motors are banned, yet celebrated at this years Concourse Delegance. I am sure there is a bug in danger of extinction because of that wonderful blend of oil and gas. I get that, but why not have a historic antique vessel loophole like most other states have regarding auto’s. And if not, why celebrate the hobby on the lake? I hate to start out a very cool show with this, but it’s the 3rd time it’s come up in emails to us. Even Woody Boaters “Casper” is banned from motoring to her dock. This is a slippery slope regarding our old boats. They are not necessarily EPA compliant.. Heck there wasn’t even an EPA at that time. We completely understand the need for clean Lake water and some sort of ruling to help move us all to a greener cleaner world. But really, are 20 antique boats gonna make a bit of difference. Especially since half of them won’t start anyway.. More fun in the AM, stay tuned.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Maybe they should stop the BP oil clean up in the Gulf and get to Lake Tahoe and clean up the gas and oil from these 20 outboards.

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