Tahoe, Clayton, Gull Lake, Three Big’ns To Fill Up Your August

Kent O. Smith captured some of the Thousand Islands magic

Coming up in August three of the big shows of the year happen. YES I know there are others. But these are the shows that deliver the spectacular. And if you plan it right, you could do all three. Below is a quick breakdown of what each show is about. I am generalizing, but to the new folks in the community since Covid. It will at least provide some sort of context.

Clayton NY Kent O. Smiths home base-ish

CLAYTON NY August 5-7 – This is a wonderful event at a perfect setting. The Antique Boat Museum. The area is amazing, The Thousand islands. Its more than a Salad Dressing. The boats are some of the East Coasts best, not to mention, many from out of the area bring stuff. Like across the country. Its a destination Show. Hotels are a bitch, I stay out on the highway.

Flea Market. No fleas, just gold!

The flea market is the best in the country, and the auction is a huge fun event. Get there early and try and get into the storage building. Its amazing. Closed during the show I think.

TAHOE!!!! It’s real!

Lake Tahoe Concours D Elegance. August 12-13 – The Pebble Beach of our passion. The judging is insane, and thats what makes it fun. The setting is magical, and well, it’s Lake Tahoe. Did I mention the insane passion they have there. Dont get me wrong, fun is always first.


This is Steve Lapkins home base, so you may get a chance to have him shoot you.. Okay, wait. Photo you!

But your tach cables better be made of the correct metal or you are getting dinged. BTW. Every passion needs an extreme, and thats what makes it fun. You win at Tahoe, and you are the bomb. OH, Bring a camera, its a photographers dream.

GULL LAKE- Real, and amazing, and always speechless.

Gull Lake Bar Harbor Super Club August 26- 27 – Hands down the top boats in the world, and possibly the universe. Although with the new telescope now, one could make an argument that someplace in a black hole there is a cooler boat. But. I stand behind this claim.

5 star food.

Lakes that connect though little canals. Go for the week. No really!

The Super club was renovated for classic boat events. Yes. And since summers are short, the boats are amazing original and restored to a very high level. This is home to some of the oldest Chris Craft, and other boats that just blow your mind.

Gull Lake morning – Dane Anderson Home base

Come on lets go for a ride!

OH, and I swear Minnesota is the hospitality state. You will feel like you are a long lost family member when you show up.

maybe you could fly your boat?

Thats it, I know as I said, there are others out there. Day trips. Afternoon drives But these three are airplane worthy. Yes! Like delay, lost baggage, canceled flights, body cavity search, Karen complains to the manager, smelly slob next to you worth it. Maybe I will drive.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    It’s not a “really big show”, but a fun and laid back Michigan gang get together that’s coming up in a few weeks. We always have a great time hanging out in Port Sanilac with the Tin Can Tourists vintage travel trailer club. Join us for the “salt free” Lake Huron fun that weekend!

    • NR
      NR says:

      Hessel 8/13? WB will be well represented. Or maybe you may not want to associate with us given our indiscretions. Us is Chad, Alex, Mike M, Matt Byrne and yours truly. Our pronouns will be Glass and Wood. I’m sure there will be others WB’s there.

  2. Dane
    Dane says:

    This year’s Gull Lake show will feature Canadian boats. Non Canadian boats are still welcome as long as fenders are left hanging over the gunwales.

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