TAHOE! Live-ish.

Live-cough cough from Lake Tahoe – Photo Phil Andrews

Well, out of the fire and into the frying pan, No, wait, out of the frying pan and into the fire! Despite the fires in California, which have effected the sky at Tahoe, the show is on, and wonderful. We have a series of reports all coming in from our reporters on the west coast. Take it away Gents… Oh, no captions, so I get to make them up. The best kinda report.

Sit back and enjoy the show – Photo Sierra Boat Co

Boats getting ready yesterday! – Sierra Boat Co

One last clean up – Sierra Boat Co

Soaking up the perfection – Sierra Boat Co

Finito out on Lake Tahoe. WOW! – Photo Phil Andrews

And POOF, Judges Swarm. It will be interesting to see how the West Coast see;s this boat.

The light got better, and marina was filling up in the morning – Steve lapkin Photo

Here is a tour by water from Steve Lapkin!

Lots of Rivas!

Riva Riva Riva – Steve Natale Photo

Yellow Riva Blue Riva – Steve Natale Photo

Another angle – Steve Natale

And yest, one more angle – Steve Natale

I need a break..

Back to the Rivas – Steve Natale

Miss Tahoe 3. Should that be Misstress Tahoe? – Steve Natale

007 Not shaking or stirring – Photo Steve Natale

Beutiful 25 Sportsman, used in many Woody Boater ads – Steve Natale

Take a bow Riva! _ Steve Natale

Meanwhile back at Sierra Mary Bryte is getting ready! – Herb Hall Photo

A wonderful Philbrick – Steve Natale

Wonderful, I love seeing these at a big gun show! Sometimes its the pistols that win! – Steve natale

Mahogany line up- Steve Natale

Comanche – Jaw Dropper, Restored at Sierra Boat Co, Steve Natale

Classic Tahoe! Phil Andrews Photo

Mmmm, with a cup of Varnish Coffee! _ Phil Andrews Photo

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  1. Ron y.
    Ron y. says:

    Plenty to look at as always tho…

    Smoky sky is sad but all else is great.
    Looks like a great weekend.

  2. Matt
    Matt says:

    We are getting amazing photos in for tomorrows report. I was thrilled about the smoke, it makes insane sunrises and sunsets. The light today is insane nice- this from Phil Andrews

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