That Was the Week That Was – by Tommy Holmes

 Tommy celebrating Johnnies trophies at Keels & Wheels 2014.

Tommy celebrating Johnnies trophies at Keels & Wheels 2014.

Thanks to long time fellow Woody Boater and Mr Century…the boats, not that Tommy is 100 years old..anyway thanks to Tommy  for sending in this fun Houston story. Take it away Tommy…

That Was the Week That Was

The classic boat hobby affords each of us memorable experiences. I wish to share with the WoodyBoater World one such week.
It all started at a dance hall south of Houston. As I was twirling the ladies to the tunes of Elvis, the sabers were rattling out in the lobby. Seems Wayne and Charlie had just gotten into town from Wyoming with a rebuilt 454 that they were plenty proud of. Local legend Jacob scoffed at their claims of speed. I intervened to prevent any slinging and a race was set for sunrise. Titles were wagered and put into escrow.
It was 6:30 a.m. when I staggered down to the docks, legs weary from all that dancing. The engines were gurgling. The captains were ready. Out to Galveston Bay we sailed, into the sunrise. The water was smooth, the wind calm and no tourists were in the way. Once in open waters the racing began.

Sunrise on Galveston Bay

Sunrise on Galveston Bay

Charlie’s newly rebuilt 454 was spitting oil, burning paint and doing some smoking. The old cowboy simply said “we’ll be all right” as we hit the two mile out marker. I was reassured.
The race was spectacular and thrilling. Captain Jacob Deegan kept his King of Galveston Bay crown and commended Charlie’s 1929 upswept 24′ triple CC for a good challenge.

Jacob's 2001 Van Dam Limo "Fastest Boat on the Bay"

Jacob’s 2001 Van Dam Limo “Fastest Boat on the Bay”

And then, I found myself in Lost Pines with fellow Woody Boater Steve Dewire who offered a ride on his Thoroughbred. I being a Century man and Century being the Thoroughbred Fleet of Boats I put on my new Docksiders and surprisingly found out the Thoroughbred had four legs. Giddy Up!


Giddy Up!

And then, WoodyBoater Ken Kelly invited us all over for his annual non-powered wooden boat adventure on his private lake. Ken’s has an array of wood boats but a 1903 birch bark canoe that floats on the water like a leaf has got to be as pure a woody boat as you can get. Paddle On!

Paddle On!

1903 Birch Bark Canoe

And then, a chat with legendary Dick Sligh telling tall tales regarding his family’s experiences with Century boats just happened to top off the week. Dick managed to coerce $6 from his mom to purchase his first wooden boat, a ten foot dory . His uncle provided the 1.7 hp Johnson and Dick has been messing around with WoodyBoats ever since. Some 70+ years if my calculator is right. A true WoodyBoater, that Mr. Sligh.

Mr. Dick Sligh

Mr. Dick Sligh

It was a great week that this hobby afforded me and I wish one onto you as well.
Ride a Thoroughbred. Varnish On!

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    • Jack Schneiberg
      Jack Schneiberg says:

      Ahh….yes! Beautiful, swift, alluring……always at the head of the pack. Sound good.

  1. Chris B
    Chris B says:

    Tommy seems your off to having a great boating season, already have a great week to report and the season has just begun, woody boaters sexiest man always looks good, I am on a thoroughbred.

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