The ACBS International Pre Events Start. Does That Mean They’re Still Pre Events, Or Events? Mmmmmm?


Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Jeff Funk for reporting in from the ACBS Pre-Events with a beautiful run down the Sacramento River to the Grand Isle Mansion where all who attended were served a wonderful buffet brunch fitting of a king. Here King Here King…. Anyone? Anyone? Wow, tough room this morning. Try the baked cod.. cough cough, crickets… OK, take it away Jeff.


There were more than a dozen boats and fifty people in attendance.  Clear skies, calm waters, and near 90 degrees made for a ‘to order’ boating day.  Jan and I road with Herb and Barb Hall in their Riva Junior (Jan and Barb in back of the Riva Junior).



Paul Anderson with his Pre-War CC Cruiser which has been an award winner at many an International ACBS show and has trailered that boat more miles than the Pony Express.


Marty Feletto had the fastest boat with his Riva Aquarama with Terry/Bobbi Feist and the Merrymans.


img_4762 img_4758 img_4756


Lee and Sandy Chase (who organized this event) in their 23’ Holiday.    The boating continues tomorrow, again on the Sacramento River.

Herb pumping up his fenders, as they deflate during the trip down from Tahoe… 6200 feet above sea level to 900 in Sacramento.

img_4743 img_4738
img_4778 img_4776 img_4774

Taxi! Oh Taxi! over here!

Thanks again Jeff for the report!

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Thanks Jeff!

    Great shots and it looks like a GREAT PRE EVENT, which of course is an event in itself. Sometimes the “pre” events are better than the event.

  2. John Baas
    John Baas says:

    That’s how to take boating event pictures..with people in them. Thanks for sharing. Wait til you see what we have for you in Wisconsin for the 2017 International pre-events!

  3. Denae Wagner
    Denae Wagner says:

    Really want to love this group of boaters and their classic and beautiful boats but was unpleasantly surprised by their lack of decency as they sped south on the Sacramento River Sunday morning the 18th of Septemper- about 9:00am. Absolute disregard for the no wake zone in the small marina I have my boat. It’s well posted as such. I am accustomed to this from a great many boaters but sure didn’t expect this from this group. 🙁

    • floyd r turbo
      floyd r turbo says:

      That is a shock. Woodyboaters are typically more experienced and knowledgeable about boating rules and regulations. Obviously, we need to refresh some memories about boating etiquette and law at these events. With the attention wood boats get, captains and crew need to exercise more caution while operating on the water as their behavior will be scrutinized closer than other watercraft (except maybe jetskis). Please accept an appology as we are not all like that although it may seem that way since it sounds like everyone “followed the leader” regarding breaking the no wake markers.

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