The Beauty Of Lake Vermilion

1954 century Karen Ann

A huge thanks to fellow Woody Boaters Chris and Julie Bullen for sending us a great report from Lake Vermiion. Now, you may be wondering why it’s called Lake Vermilion. Okay maybe you didn’t ask, but I did. I mean why would a lake be named after a color red? Red? Ya see as a designer Vermilion is a classic red color.

Rapture – 1939 cc Barrel Back


Well, the explanation is kinda cool. See when the sun sets, the reflection on the lake turns red like the sky. Some french trappers called it that, and the rest is history! What a beautiful name, and lake… And now show. Below is the note from the Bullen’s And captions. WOW!


We went on a big road trip all the way to Lake Vermilion. The week was a great one as Steve and Nancy invited us to join them and 4 other boats on this adventure. As you know we were in the Gull lake area the week before so we continued our adventure up to Voyageurs National Park and then to Lake Vermilion.

Julie out with the ladies

The northern park of Minnesota is a beautiful place to go boating and fish as everyone had an aluminum boat and they were all out there looking for the big one. There are 45,000 acres of water on Vermilion and over 300 islands.

Shoops 1948 hacker Miss Minneapolis IV

It was nice to have the Shoops as a guide boat or we may have been lost or had a busted prop.


The area liked to display these props of misery on the walls for all to see. The week ended at a small boat show to help raise funds for the Lake vermilion Fire brigade. Saturday, we had a run around the lake with many of the participating boats and Sunday afternoon from 12 to 4 was the show. Just enough time to see the boats and have a nice lunch.

SUNRAY is a 1984 23’ Grand-Craft Tahoe hardtop that was built in Holland, Michigan. It is one of two matching boats originally purchased by Robert Redford and was number two off the production line, and the first of only four 23’ Tahoe hulls ever produced in the hardtop model. It also has a very unique “Phoenix Dash Inlay”.

Sandy’s Mistress the Shepard and Blue Heron 1956 sportsman

Old town Suzie Q 1926

Miss vermilion 2002 grand craft twin 450 32ft

Majestic residents watch the show

Out and about

A slow ride!

Sore! Soar? Sour? Ya I wrote this caption. Cant you tell?

Dungeness 1894 Elco 21ft

Blue Heron 1956 sportsman

Aluminum pretty

1964 CC Cutlass

1958 sportsman Pretty Penny

1958 Lone Star 21ft The flying Dutchman

1955 Holiday – Julliard

1954 CC Sportsman 28′ twin M’s

1953 Century Sea Maid Mermaid

1926 Evinrude

1953 CC Holiday

SPLOOSH – 1939 17 ft deluxe utility K engine

A huge thanks to Chris and Julie for sharing the fun of it all!

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  1. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    great pics and boats…I like Suze Q best….fine looking set up and Old Towns are very cool!

    John in Va. Reedville soon!

  2. Kentucky Wonder
    Kentucky Wonder says:

    Julie and Chris are so much fun to be around! Wish we could have followed them on their Minnesota tour. Thanks for the photos and caption info!

    Looking at the photo of the Shepherd next to the CC Sportsman….those Shepherds look like a wall of mahogany floating on the water. Some serious freeboard for their size.

    • Jeff
      Jeff says:

      Raptures home port is Clear Lake just north of Vermilion – to small a lake to boat so you’ll mostly find her cruising the big Vermilion –

    • Wilson
      Wilson says:

      Like I said here 10 or so days go, “Look out for the hurricane”…Although at that time, I thought it would be there by mid week.

  3. Tuobanur
    Tuobanur says:

    Thanks, made my day on an otherwise dreadful day here in Summerville, SC. Waiting on the storm to get to us, fingers crossed that it stays to the east. 🤞

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