The Big Clayton Auction Is Today! Did You Cash Out your 401K?

item #29637, this 22′ 1928 Chris Craft Cadet will cross the block at 2:00pm on Saturday, August 4th in Clayton.

At around 1 this afternoon, the sound system will turn on and the auctioneer will start his fluid song of numbers and funny bumps to get the crowd going. This years auction looks like its going to be a much more rich deal, moving some really nice boats. The latest one was sent to us last night. A nice 1928 Chris Craft Cadet. And this is not in a pile of twiggs with a long song and dance story. OK, I am sure there is a story. The story sometimes is worth the price. This boat appears to have a new modern engine in it, which in my dumb opinion is the way to go with these boats. Unless it came with some insane rare engine. We will report the auction results as they come into HQ. You can see the list of boats here. And if you hurry you can still make it to the auction, unless you are reading this at 2… then your just out of luck if you want to buy anything.. If thats the case, there is hope.. just click here!

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  1. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    Thanks I have enough boats and not enough money, so I am going to work. Will work for fuel and varnish.

  2. m-lion
    m-lion says:

    After emptying out the 401k I managed to place a winning bid on a woodyboater hat and a backup SoV t-shirt. I thought I had enough left over for a gum ball but it appears those machines don’t take penny’s anymore.

  3. LGCentury
    LGCentury says:

    Interesting Auction today. The Pacemaker cruiser with no reserve was had for $250.00! I feel for the family who offered the vessel for auction. Ouch.
    Many of the reserve boats stalled at about half the asking Those without reserve were generally had for a song. (18ft. Lyman @ $1100.00)

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