The Blue Ridge Chapter ACBS Announces The 2011 Best In Show Award At Lake Norman!


Last weekend the Blue Ridge Chapter ACBS hosted the 14th Annual Charlotte Antique and Classic Boat Show, located at Queens Landing Marina on Lake Norman, Mooresville NC. This years Best in Show award was presented to fellow Woody Boaters Ginger & Randy Clark for “OoRAH” their elegant 1940 24′ Staudacher – Hacker Runabout. This boat was owned by Ginger’s father for many years and was respectfully restored by Ginger & Randy just a few years ago. Here’s the e-mail we received from Ginger on Monday morning, in her own words…

You guys won’t believe this!

The first name on the Miss America IX Perpetual Trophy for Charlotte Best In Show…

We’d been messing around on the docks on show day offering free beers for People’s Choice votes… figured that wasn’t going well when no one came back to claim the beers…unbelievable, huh?

Sure enough people’s choice went to Benn Gunn and captains choice to Little Red…

And then the big announcement for Best in Show and the trophy… We were sitting back waiting to see who would win it… When we heard our names! After sitting there for a moment in shock, then disbelief we hopped up to cheers and chants of OoRAH… By the time I got to the front I was in tears! Thinking about my dad and the enormity of the gift that had been given us… What an amazing honor for the boat & for us.

Chuck Mistele called us today as we were on the final leg of our trip home to congratulate us again and said he couldn’t be happier that we were chosen… As he wanted the trophy to be about not only the boats but the people, too….Ginger & Randy – Woo-Hoo!!!

Congratulations to Ginger, Randy, Cody & Sadie – It’s so great to learn that people like you, who give so much to the hobby, received this deserving award.

As you can probably tell by now, Robert & Linda Miracle were also on hand at Lake Norman to capture the action, and shared some of their beautiful images with Woody Boater from the weekend.

It’s rare to see a classic Century Arabian these days, and better yet this shot from above highlighting the unique interior arrangement and trademark swivel seats. Very nice…

Check out the location of cool stern pole on this Ventnor… a striking boat design.

I think this is one of those speedy Raveau outboards, they look fast sitting still…

“Lisa Ann” (shown below) is a beautiful 1930 20′ Chris-Craft Model 100 owned by Ed & Judy Longino. Ed was this years Boat Show Chairman and did a wonerful job keeping everything on track. “Lisa Ann” is also the boat in the opening photo, with Ed on the bull horn. I wonder if Ed has been taking lessons from Hutch Hutcheson at the Inland Empire ACBS up in Idaho, who also prefers the bull horn method of communication to keep everyone in line on the water… A nice shot by Miracle Photography.

Terry Harbin & Jerri Nowlan testing the waters in “Paramour” their 1962 20′ Chris-Craft Sea Skiff…

Having fun on the water with the photographer close by…

Edward & Sara James from Charleston, SC brought “Ciao Baby” to Lake Norman, a very cool 1971 Riva Junior – This model was recently added to Woody Boater Matt Smith’s personal list of “Must Have” boats.

“Rememberings” a classic 1951 17′ Chris-Craft Special Runabout owned by David & Marion Stowe from Farmville. It sure looks like they are enjoying their Lake Norman boating experience, and that’s what it all about.

A nice shot of “Bad English” an early 50’s Chris-Craft Riviera sporting her her blond decks.

Hey look – one of those rare human powered wooden boats.

A Personal Paddle Wheeler, no worries about leaving the cabin early in the morning and waking up the neighbors with the barking V-8… Or returning home late at night after a night down at the marina with the boys playing cards too late… Just quietly paddle home and into the boat house.

Bill & Gail Turner’s very cool 2005 Aristo Craft 14′ Gentelman’s Racer “Checkered Past”

Old technology vs new technology, enjoying the day on Lake Norman.

A nice shot of “My Bonnie Doll” a classic Chris-Craft Capri – great for suntanning too.

These guys were overheard at the boat ramp talking “I like your Green White Bronze Sea Skiff” … “Thanks, I like your White Green Bronze Sea Skiff” – You wanna trade?

Clean and Simple… More is Less… Understated Elegance…

And this is just a cool shot of two unique wooden race boats, Chuck Mistele’s Miss America IX and Comet.

Special thanks to Robert & Linda Miracle from Miracle Photography for sharing a few of their images with us for this report from Lake Norman. You can view and purchase these and many more images from their SmugMug web site by clicking here.

Also thanks to the nice folks from Blue Ridge Chapter ACBS, the show sponsors, and all the volunteers that contunue to make these local antique & classic boat shows a success. Nice work everyone!


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  1. Don Ayers
    Don Ayers says:

    What is interesting is that it is an inboard. I’ve always thought the design was cool but the outboard did not appeal to me.

  2. Robert Miracle
    Robert Miracle says:

    What a great morning it was getting up early and seeing the story on the Lake Norman show. We really enjoy the people and the boats at this event. The above photos are just a few of many other great photos from the show on our website. Check out the folder with the classic cars that were there also. If you haven’t been to the Lake Norman show, you are missing a good one. Ed and his crew puts on a fantastic show every year.

    Linda and I have had a great year shooting for the Blue Ridge Chapter. Our photos of their boats made three magazine covers, starting with the Lake Sinclair show with Linda’s shot of Miss America IX on the cover of Lake Living Magazine. The next one was my photo on Lake Chatuge, GA published in the Smoky Mountain Living Magazine. Then Miss America IX will be on the cover of Lake Living Magazine for the upcoming show at Smith Mountain Lake this weekend. The great part about this is that these magazines are not boating magazines, which means that classic boats are getting exposure in magazines that the general public reads.

    We look forward to photographing the Smith Mountain Lake show. This will be our first visit to this show. I understand it is a beautiful location and I hope the weather will be good. Look for our photos on our website and possibly Woodyboater next week. I hope you all are enjoying our coverage of the ACBS boat shows. After a boat show, we average 2,000 to 5,000 hits a day on our web page. When you go to our web page, you can see highlights from each event. People tell us that although they didn’t make it to a show, they felt that they where there through our photos. That is why we do it.

    A big congratulations and OoRAH to Ginger and Randy! They are very deserving of the first ever Charlotte Antique and Classic Boat Show perpetual “Best In Show” award, not just for their beautiful boat, but their character and support of classic boating. The trophy was donated by Charles & Diane Mistele and was crafted with original wood from Miss America IX. Pretty amazing, right?

    Thanks to Matt and Texx for publishing our photos for you all to see. Look for us at Smith Mountain Lake.

    Bob Miracle

  3. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Ginger & Randy, Congratulations!!! What a great surprise for you. OoRAH is a beautiful boat, and is owned by great folks that are very deserving of the trophy and the honor.

  4. John Martin
    John Martin says:

    Oorah was a very nice boat and well deserved to win best in show. It was a very good small show. I spent about 4 hours there photographing and talking to various owners. First time I got to see Miss America IX and it was quite a boat.

    I believe that small outboard boat shown about is a home built. If I am not mistaken the front deck on this boat is actually cloth as it was on display for a while earlier in the day with a sign saying so.

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      Thanks John – Hopefully the owner of that small outboard boat will chime in with more information. It’s certainly a nice looking craft.

      • jerri
        jerri says:

        Hi Guys!

        First congratulations Randy, Ginger & Sadie. With all the work you did at Camp LeJeune the award went to exactly who it should have gone to.

        The little red boat indeed has a cloth top and won Captains Choice at the show. He just joined the Blue Ridge Chapter so he may not know yet about the daily “go-to sight of woody boater.

        Bob & Linda. THANK YOU! Another fantastic photo. I think the spray photo needs to go on our wall!

        Another FUN story! Terry & Jerri

        • Texx
          Texx says:

          Jerri – Thanks for your comments. We are working on a feature story about “Little Red” and LA Overcash for later this week – I hope.

  5. ranger
    ranger says:

    Thanks everyone! sorry for the delay…computer issues, grr…

    we met Little Red’s owner’s brother during the lunch run. their father had built the boat from a kit. unfortunately we only saw the boat again during the parade and never got to speak with the owner…great looking little boat.

    on another note, when we were getting ready to launch OoRAH on friday we met fellow woody boater henry moore from darien, ga. the issue of toilet bowl wax came up immediately…it has now become kind of a secret code word among woody boater devotees! just wanted to let him know that our overnight stop on the way home was Darien!

    these weekends go by so fast but at each show we get to not only see old friends but meet new ones…loving the lifestyle!!!

  6. LA Overcash
    LA Overcash says:

    Congrats to OoRAH on winning Best in Show. I’m Little Red’s owner and I know exactly how you feel when you Best in Show because I felt the same way when I won Captains Choice… I was in shock also.

    I saw the earlier comments and Little Red was not a kit. My father built it from SCRATCH in 1958. It does have a cloth deck- airplane fabric doped and painted. The motor is a 1958 Mark 58, 45hp unrestored motor. The motor and boat were stored for 38 years. I changed the rubber parts in the motor and cranked it up. The boat was restored in 2009 in memory of my father, LA Overcash Sr. I spent countless hours with a friend Angelo Andelaro restoring this boat. This was my first show with ACBS and really enjoyed it. Will be attending future shows, hope everyone has a safe fall and happy boating. If you have any more questions about Little Red, feel free to ask!

    • ranger
      ranger says:


      Thanks for the correction on Little Red. Look forward to meeting you and seeing the boat at future shows.

      …no doubt your dad’s boat is important to you, so glad you restore it, great job! very, very cool.

  7. L. A .
    L. A . says:

    Thanks for all the coments yes it means a lot it was my dads second build I wish I had the first boat also but he sold it to buy this motor I drove this boat when I was 8 to 11 years old but could not go out of site of our lake house then bottom rotted at fin and it got put in storage I regret not fixing it a year earlier so my dad could have seen it I’m glad I’m not the only one who cares for and loves these beutifull old boats good job to everyone who has restored one

  8. Jim Templeton
    Jim Templeton says:

    How good can it get. Congrats to Ginger & Randy (Best of Show) Its people like you that make the Charlotte Show so enjoyable for us that work to put it on. Thanks for trailering such a long distance to visit and bring such a nice boat.

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