The Clayton Countdown -10 Days! 10 Reasons To Go!

The clock is ticking towards Clayton on August 3rd-5th at the Antique Boat Museum up in the Thousand Islands. I think Phil Andrews just left New Zealand so he can make it in time. Just kidding, but it’s a commitment of a flight for sure.

Phil Andrews waving of Blue Arabian Fame! The Blue Arabian is staying home in New Zealand

Both Phil and I will be there Fri and Saturday for sure. We certainly hope to see many fellow Woody Boaters there. Below are the top 10 reasons to go next week. And yes we know there are more. But that wouldn’t make a great headline?

Amazing displays

1. The Museum, The museum, The museum is worth the trip alone.
2. The Thousand Islands is an iconic classic boat heaven.
3. Amazing rare boats at the show.
4. The Museum Warehouse is INSANE COOL!

The warehouse. Only Friday! Saturdays its closed.

5. Its a vacation spot from early on, so the true corny Woodyboater texture is there.
6. The Auction is fun and exciting to watch, or buy something

that reminds me. Bring a full wallet!

7. The best classic boat flea market of the year. Up there with Sunnyland. But older stuff.

Amazing find at the flea market.

8. Other Woody Boaters congregate there so you will see old and new friends

A fun crowd.

9. You will learn something you didn’t know. In my case, a lot of stuff. I always leave excited and impressed.

My Zipper fetish started in Clayton. Bill Mack and his original Zipper….. Wait. Okay this can be read wrong. Bill’s amazing 24 Sportsman’s Zipper. Okay wait. Sportsman is a model of boat. Not a man that likes sports, and Bill has a boat, not a man, and I liked the boats zipper. Oh god, do I need to explain all this. So what if I like Bill Macks Zipper? Don’t knock it til you have seen it.  Sorry Bill, you are an innocent victim of my bad tasteless humor.

Bill Macks PERFECT award winnig 24 Sportman, 175 original hours. Amazing time capsule. Note the soft top un opened on the bow. mmmmm Zipper!

10 What the hell else are you doing? Mowing the lawn?

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  1. Ned Protexter
    Ned Protexter says:

    If you need a warmup show, come to Okoboji, IA this Saturday for our 38th show.

    Added bonus, it is organized by 4 guys under the age of 30. We need more seasoned boaters, how do we get them involved?

  2. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    I have never been. Where do you stay? I have heard lodging is scarce up there even way out from the event? Some of you guys check in with suggestions….Places you HAVE stayed in or know for sure about.

    John in Va

    • Wilson
      Wilson says:

      I phoned Bertam’s my first year and they said they were full and never had a cancellation. A week later they phoned & said they had a cancellation. I got that room and then reserved it for the next year and kept it that way for 10 years running…I’ve heard there is at least one new motel since I quit going…

  3. Johnny V.
    Johnny V. says:

    I’ll be hanging out with the rest of the Fat Earl Jrs. in the flea market on Thursday and Friday then put on my judges badge for Saturday. First time in many years we’ve spent that much time at the show.

  4. tparsons56
    tparsons56 says:

    We have gone to Clayton several times but usually off season and stay at the 1000 Islands Harbor Inn [great hotel but can be hard to get into during the summer]. The museum is fabulous and love the small town feel of Clayton. Another great attraction is the Antique Boat America facility just outside of town which has an entire building filled with antique and classic boats for sale. Easy to get lost in there for a couple of hours.

    Someday we will get to the Clayton show but this year we are staying a little closer to home and going to the 31st. annual Traverse City “Boats on the Boardwalk” show.

  5. Doug in Maine
    Doug in Maine says:

    I’ll be heading to Wolfeboro, NH Saturday for their 45th show. Anyone else going?

  6. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    The guy mowing the lawn looks like he is having way more fun than the people in the boat show pictures.

  7. Fat Earl Jr.
    Fat Earl Jr. says:

    To all the the Guys & Gals headed to the Clayton Show next weekend please swing by the Flee Market for all the GREAT Items the BOTTOM FEEDERS have to offer. We have 8 spaces this year so you can’t miss us. Weather your looking for that special minnow bucket for your wife or a broken bilge pump for your leaking boat, we have it all. Something for everybody. Were way in the back behind all the tee shirt vendors. Hope to see you there. Fat Earl Jr.

    • Johnny V.
      Johnny V. says:

      Yep, I’ll have some choice items from my fine collection o’ stuff at the Bottom Feeders spot (sorry, no MCL reduction gears). Not sure if I’m Fat Earl Jr. Jr.Jr. or Fat Earl Jr. IV. Stop by for unique items not to be found elsewhere and good natured abuse.

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