The Full List Of Award Winners From Woods And Water 2015 Is Now Here!


ACBS 2015 Preserved Boat of the Year – 1931 40′ Hackercraft Runabout “Lock Pat II” owned by Lee & Penny Anderson. (Dane Anderson photo)

LAST NIGHT WE RECEIVED THE FULL LIST OF AWARD WINNERS from the 2015 Woods and Water show at Bar Barbor on Gull Lake, Minnesota. It’s a BIG list for a BIG show! – Texx

ACBS Awards presented at the 2015 Awards Banquet

Appreciation Plaques:  Cynthia McMillen, Dennis Ryan, Dick Sherwood, and Dick Winn for service on the ACBS Board of Directors

LAke Hopatcong

Lake Hopatcong – photo Bob Kays

Chapter of the Year – Lake Hopatcong

Chapter of the Year – Sunnyland

Mary Herwig Award – Gail Turner, Blue Ridge Chapter

Rover Awards – Guy Marvin, III and Gerald Dake, Sunnyland Chapter

Hagerty Safety Award – Don Luetz, Northern California/Lake Tahoe Chapter

Publication Awards

– from the Large Chapters – THE BOATHOUSE, editor Lee Wangstad of Bob Speltz Land o’ Lakes
– from Mid-sized Chapter – AT THE WATERLINE, editor Wil Vidal, Glacier Lakes
– from Smaller Chapters – DRY DOCK, editor Karen Harrison, Okanagan Chapter

Dry Dock Summer 2015_0001

Okanagan Chapter ACBS Newsletter – Dry Dock, Editor Karen Harrison.

Website Award – Michigan Chapter, Jack Warren, webmaster

Growth Awards

Highest Percentage with 17.5% growth is Hudson River Chapter

Highest number of new members with 26 is Thousand Islands Chapter

ACBS Founders Award – Jack Lynett, North Coast Ohio Chapter

ACBS President’s Cup Award – Matt Byrne, Blackhawk Chapter

Junior Craftsman Award – Nick Mowers, Sunnyland Chapter SCAMPY program.

Restored Cruiser
1938 25 Chris-Craft Clipper “Klondike” (Paul Anderson)  BEST OF SHOW

Restored Prewar 22 & under


Victory for Victory

1939 19′ Chris-Craft Custom “Victory” (Mike Lang) Platinum
1942 21′ Larson Falls Flyer (Patrick Carnes) Gold
1935 16′ Gar Wood Speedster (John K. Zea) Gold
1937 19′ Gar Wood “Bebecca B” (Russel Hagen) Gold
1928 22′ Chris-Craft Model 1 “Dear Friend” (Ebby Dupont) Gold – Amateur Restore

Preserved Pre 22 & under

1939 19′ Chris-Craft Barrelback “Cask-Away” (Joe Whitsett) Silver
1936 19′ Chris-Craft Special Raceboat “Marjorie” (Mike Favilla) Silver

Woods and Water

Mike Favilla in “Marjorie” – A very nice 1936 19′ Chris-Craft Special Raceboat.

Outboard W Steering

1956 14′ Larson Falls Flyer (Al Lindquist) BEST OF SHOW


hey! Bring that award over here! – Rich Lepping

1955 17′ Century Palomino “Tilly Rose” (Rich Lepping) Platinum
1958 15′ Barnes Shark Boat (Bill Anderson) Platinum
1959 15’9” Marine Plastic Co. Runabout CarAqua (Del Van Emmerik) Gold
1939 14′ Larson Falls Flyer (Pete Johnson) Gold


1956 14′ Larson Falls Flyer (Alex Johnson) Silver

Outboard Simple


Thats one cool little outboard Glen.

1930 12′ Glen Bucks Originality Award (The Ernst Family) Gold

Race Boats

1937 16′ Chris-Craft Special Race Boat “Bitsie” (Jack Beatly) Platinum
1942 16′ Chris-Craft Hydroplane The Fifth Dr. Luddington Platinum
1937 19′ Chris-Craft Special Race Boat “Miss Florida” (John R. Williams) Gold
2009 24′ Lauderbach 2 Seat Grand Prix “Catch Me If You Can” (William H. Winn) Gold
1922 29′ Hackercraft Gentlemans Raceboat “Apachee II” (Lee Anderson) Gold

Antique Utility Restored

1940 15.5′ Chris-Craft Deluxe Utility “Dad & Roy’s” (Charles S. Mote) Gold
1937 18′ Century Utility “Nancy Jane” (John Grech) Gold
1940 22′ Chris-Craft Sportsman (Wil Vidal) Silver

Antique Utility Preserved

1938 21′ Chris-Craft Deluxe Utility “Jennifer Anne” (Jeff Rogers)

Classic Utility Restored

1961 21′ Chris-Craft Continental Hardtop “Over the Top” (Paul Harrison) Gold
1949 25′ Chris-Craft Sportsman “Uncle Buster” (Robert Van Orsdel) Gold
1957 16′ Century Resorter “Zsa” (Tom Drozd) Gold


1949 25′ Chris-Craft Sportsman “Butterfly” (Mitch Avery) Silver
1949 25′ Chris-Craft Sportsman “Duchess II” (Dean A. Kent) Silver
1949 25′ Chris-Craft Sportsman “On Point” (Dave Bortner) Silver
1961 21′ Century Coronado “Dreamboat” (Dave Bortner) Silver

Classic Utility Preserved

1961 21′ Chris-Craft Continental Hardtop “Fin & Tonic” (Derk Brill) Platinum
1957 23′ Chris-Craft Continental “The Argument” (Margaret Lee) Gold
1949 22′ Chris-Craft Sportsman “Emma II” (Jeffery Petersen) Gold
1961 22′ Shepherd “Rhubarb” (Scott Mason) Silver
1968 17′ Century Resorter “Keep On Flyin” (Chuck Petersen) Silver
1947 16′ Chris-Craft Rocket “Legacy” (Wiley Mayne) Silver

Non Power

1948 18′ Amundson (Bob Hamilton) Gold


1929 36′ Bell Labs Limousine “Tolka” (Lee Anderson) Gold
1937 28′ Minett-Shields “Woodmere” (John Allen) Gold


2011 30′ Morin Boats Runabout “Amy Ann” (John K. Zea) Platinum
2015 19′ Wooden Runabout Co “Jitterbug” (Mike Teusink) Platinum

glen L

Roberta’s Glen L

2015 19.5′ Amateur Torpedo “The Glen L” (Roberta Hegy) Gold Am. Craftsman
1996 26′ Hacker-Craft Double Cocjpit “Free Spirit” (Forrest Bryant) Gold
2002 15’9” Budsin Electric “Lake Effect” (Dennis & Brigid Eiynck) Gold

Classic Runabouts Restored

1947 19′ Century Sea Maid “Maid’n’47” (Bob House) Gold
1956 18′ Shepherd “Nice Eh!” (Chris O’Conner) Silver

Classic Runabouts Preserved

1947 17′ Chris-Craft Deluxe (Tim Weber) Silver
1960 19′ Chris-Craft Capri “Excelsior Amusement” (Mark Anderson) Silver
1970 28′ Riva Super Aquarama “Medici” (Peter E.Dahl) Silver
1948 26′ F.S. Crate Runabout “Nezzie” (Andrew Robb) Silver

Restored Antique Runabouts over 22′

1929 28′ Chris-Craft Sedan “Uncas” (Kermit Sutton) Platinum
1940 23′ Chris-Craft Custom “Sans Souci” (Carl G. Mammel) Gold
1931 28′ Gar Wood Runabout “Rosemary” (Bruce Paddock/Dan Nelson) Gold
1929 26′ Chris-Craft Triple “Duchess” (Jim Anderson) Gold

seaflow II

Texx and Bortner head out for some fun on Seaflow II

1938 28′ Hackercraft Triple “Seaflow II” (Dave Bortner) Gold
1931 26′ Hutchinson Runabout “Scram” (Brian Mark) Gold

Preserved Antique Runabouts over 22′

1931 40′ Hackercraft Runabout “Lock Pat II” (Lee Anderson) BEST OF SHOW
1931 28′ Ditchburn Triple (John Allen) Platinum
1930 30′ Hackercraft Runabout “Charismatic” (Brian Mark) Gold
1927 30′ Hutchinson Triple “Surprise” (Aaron Starke) Gold

Chris-Craft Award

1937 16′ Chris-Craft Special Race Boat “Bitsie” (Jack Beatly) Platinum

Century Award

1955 17′ Century Palomino “Tilly Rose” (Rich Lepping) Platinum

Best of Show

1956 14′ Larson Falls Flyer (Al Lindquist)

1931 40′ Hackercraft Runabout “Lock Pat II” (Lee Anderson)

1938 25′ Chris-Craft Clipper “Klondike” (Paul Anderson)

Bob Speltz Chapter “Spirit of the Sport” Award
1949 22′ Chris-Craft Sportsman “Emma II” (Jeffery Petersen) Gold

Congratulations to all the 2015 Woods and Water award winners, and thanks again to the great folks from the Bob Speltz Land-O-Lake Chapter for their hard work and dedication to organize this massive, successful event.


24 replies
  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Now that is a full list of Winners!
    Congratulations to all.

    Does this mean there were no “Prerestorics” in the show?

  2. Matt
    Matt says:

    Oh there was a Big Chicken Dinner Winner, but I wasnt going to crash the party with our award. We will have to wait until Florida. But Glen did win an official ACBS one. We are going to do a little story on this at some point. Found in a Garage all original.

    1930 12′ Glen Bucks Originality Award (The Ernst Family) Gold

  3. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Great news regarding the Michigan chapter winning the Best Website award. Congrats to Jack Warren and Carl Garmhaus for their hard work. We really have become part of the digital age!

  4. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    In order to give full credit to Mike Green of Maritime Classics, who restored my boat, I wish to point out that “Over the Top”, the 1961 21′ Chris Continental owned by Karen and I, won a Gold Award in Classic Utility – Preserved.

    Due to a clerical error it was not on this list, but as usual, Mike Green delivered a tremendous job.

    I must say I am a big fan of the new award/recognition system implemented this year, with much broader recognition of many of the superb boats that are shown. That is especially important at a show like this, where the margins are razor-thin and so many boats are beautifully prepared.

  5. m-fine
    m-fine says:


    I was a bit surprised to see your boat listed under utility restored. Was it judged as preserved and just mis reported, or were you accidentally lumped into the restored class?

    More importantly, how does she ride, and how well do you fit under the top?

    • Paul H.
      Paul H. says:

      Good eye, M-fine. The clerical problem also extended to it being recorded as restored class when in fact it was preserved. It has one new frame block and two new transoms boards – all other wood above the bottom is original.

      Andreas- nice to see you at the show. There were over 90 boats judged, out of about 130 there and many of these were exquisitely presented high point boats. The ACBS went to a Tahoe-Concours style of award system for the first time, whereby boats are awarded recognition based on a point threshold being met, rather than in absolute competition with each other. The judging standards were the same but the award system changed.

      In this case, I believe a Platinum boat is 97 points or higher, gold is 93-97 and silver is 87-93, I think. this is a much better method of recognizing great boats, rather than the former system. The number of boats gaining recognition was not unexpected, given the overall quality of boats there.

      All I can say is the judges had a huge job here, and deserve enormous credit for their efforts.

      • Texx
        Texx says:

        Thanks for explaining how the new award system (platinum, gold, silver, etc) works in terms of points. Late last night / early this morning as we were preparing this story, we went to the ACBS HQ website to get an explanation of the new system for our viewers, but couldn’t find anything. Not sure if we were looking in the right place. – Texx

        • Derk Brill
          Derk Brill says:

          Texx, there is a full explanation of the new scoring system in the Rudder, Summer 2015 edition on page 3. We were aware of the new system when we made our plans, and set our goals accordingly. Great to see you, Matt, Dane, and the rest of the WB crew at the show this year. You guys did an awesome job of promoting and covering the show, and the execution of the event was flawless. We were proud to be involved with such a professional presentation!

          • Texx
            Texx says:

            Thanks Derk – I was great to see you again at Gull Lake (since Tahoe) and congratulations on your Platinum Award.

            I wasn’t aware that the new scoring system details were outlined in the summer Rudder, as I am no longer a member of the ACBS. Thanks for the update. – Texx

  6. Mr. Andreas Jordahl Rhude
    Mr. Andreas Jordahl Rhude says:

    Congrats award winners. But by oh boy is that a confusing list. Looks like nearly every boat in the show won something (except mine – no big deal)

  7. Matt
    Matt says:

    We all felt sorry for the judges at the event. Every boat there had a good reason to be there and win an award. I am glad to be able to just be out on the water and photograph boats. Which by the way is the best place to be at any show.

  8. Bo Muller
    Bo Muller says:

    To all of the Judges- Thanks for doing such a great job. We had 94 judged boats and it took two days to get them all done.
    Great boats plus great exhibitors in a great location makes this show hard to top. Bo

  9. Gene Porter
    Gene Porter says:

    Whether you were on point or at the end of the line, this show really was over the top – and not just boat quality and diversity, but also the organized walleye feasts – night after night. Only the latter was not captured by woodyboater’s superb daily blog.

  10. Pete Johnson
    Pete Johnson says:

    Great show – the best part is talking to people about our boats my son Alex had his 1956 Falls Flyer and I had my 1939 cedar strip , canvas covered Falls Flyer. We also enjoy working on our boats together .

    • Pete Johnson
      Pete Johnson says:

      Both My son Alex and I are listed on the awards but I have a 1939 not a 1956 can anybody straighten this out? My Son and I didn’t go to the awards dinner, we we the last two at the landing helped a few last boats on there way.

      • Texx
        Texx says:

        Pete – Sorry about that. Unfortunately we are only as good as the information that was provided to us by ACBS HQ regarding the awards. There were a number of typos, incorrect names and boat information on the list, but we managed to catch most of it – just not yours.

        The information has now been updated on this story (above), please let us know if it looks correct.

        1939 14′ Larson Falls Flyer (Pete Johnson) Gold

        1956 14′ Larson Falls Flyer (Alex Johnson) Silver

        However you should contact ACBS HQ directly to ask them to make the change before it’s published on their website or in the Rudder. – Texx

  11. Pete DeVito
    Pete DeVito says:

    Hey Texx and Matt
    One very important award that I did not see mentioned above was The Junior Craftsman Award that was given to Nick Mowers in our Sunnyland SCAMPY program. You can read his nomination in the last issue of the Rudder. This 14 year old young man is on his second boat in the SCAMPY program and hopefully he will have it at our show in March. He is also refurbishing a 1957 18hp Evinrude to go on it.

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      Thanks Pete – Glad you brought that to our attention. We prepared the story with info exactly from the ACBS HQ documents. We will follow up with them and add the information if they can send it to us. – Texx

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      On second thought – I just added the Junior Craftsman Award to the list in the story above. (Hope we don’t have to “Lawyer Up” for posting this without ACBS permission – Ha) – Texx

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