The Milwaukee Boat Show – Da Other Game In Town!

Don’t tell fellow Woody Boater Jack Schneiberg from the Glacier Lakes Chapter of the ACBS.. But if you live in dat part of the world today. Classic Boats are the last thing on your mind. One.. its 15 degrees outside. And dem Packers and Da Bears are going to go at it today. But thanks to Jacks relentless love of classic boats If you want to see some cool classic boats today, you won’t have to decide between the two things you want to do. Because. We have all the shots you need right here. And if you hate football…. wait, if you hate football and live near there, you are dead, and thus can’t read this.. So.. I am clueless as to what to do if you are dead.. But if you still want to go to the show…Hurry in, the Show closes at 2.. I wonder why? …. Thanks again to Jack for sending us these shots and saving the day for many of us.. Take it away Jack..

Thanks Matt, reporting in from Wisconsin.. We are proud to show the world that the classic boat world here in Milwaukee is having fun despite the fact that it’s a tough go to put your boat in the water today.

The 1949 Globe Mastercraft – a Brooks Steven’s designed boat is also Frank’s boat. Only 4 pieces of wood from the original boat remain. Power is a whopping 4 cylinder Gray 45 hp.

The Switzercraft Baby Bullet is a 1954. Very few of these around and this was the last year they were made. Good for about 35mph with this Mark on it. Bad for the knees. David Doyle of West Bend is the owner of several Switzer’s including a red & white Shooting Star.

Wil Vidal’s newest acquisition is the ’40 Chris Utility 22′ “Encore” and it’s just in from the west coast. We’re not sure if it likes winter.

This was the poster child boat for the U22 athon here on Woody Boater last year

Yes – that’s a ’73 Century Coronado with a 454 in the background. Boat belongs to Brightworks Boat works (say that fast 6 times) in Madison, Wisconsin.

That Dunphy rowboat below has never been in the water and is a recent find by Walter Wilde.

That’s my (Jacks’s) ..1951 Century Imperial Sportman 14 in the mix. Powered by a 1958 Mark 55E.

The old one Lungers on display by Frank Petran of Port Washington. Frank has been collecting these for just over 3 years now and is amassing quite a collection.

John Bauman has a 1938(?) Chris Utility on display and also owns that shiny freshly refurbished green canoe – vintage 1922.

Note our Booth display transom bar. And The Coranado.. Is that Packers Yellow.. Go PACKERS!

Also note G-22 – another Brightworks boat fresh from the Todd Warner Auction.

Thanks Jack, Enjoy Da Big Day up there. We all have our TV’s on…

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  1. redbeardsraven
    redbeardsraven says:

    Dave Doyle’s Baby Bullet Switzercraft looks great…
    If you would like to see more cool Switzercrafts. There is a Switzercraft Regatta July 16th at Big Basin Marina In Illinois
    You Can find out more information and check more Switzers
    at Thanks for the report Jack. I was one who was going to the show but due to Family issues could not get there. Im glad to see the pictures it warms me up on such a cold Chicago Day…

    Go Bears…..

  2. Texx
    Texx says:

    Thanks Jack for sharing your photos from the Milwaukee Boat Show with us. And thanks to all the folks for bringing their treasures out of storage in the middle of winter to help promote the hobby.

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