The New Hampshire Boat Museum Auction TODAY! WHAT?

Thats some cool Ship….stuff..

A huge thanks to fellow Woody Boater Gary Michael from Inland Boat Works for sending in this report on the The New Hampshire Boat Museum auction in Wolfeboro N.H. Today! WHAT? Today? Okay, okay wait, there is an online part of this so thats good. Phew. So if you are reading this and want to help, you can click click and buy buy.. Here is Gary’s note. By by! See that was a Buy by kinda spelling pun joke thing.

I bow to thee oh great shrine of old boat stuff

Today, Saturday the 16th and proceeds benefit the Museum, consigned boats some with reserve some without. This has been going on for over 20 years. This is also online at OR HERE TO THE AUCTION PAGE

Suspenders are extra. This is the look we all hope we could cary off. And he does!

Real cool boats, and some are no reserve! Yikes

This is the first year they have allowed vendors and Bo Muller and i have been there for 2 days selling parts and hardware, I also consigned 2 boats to help out. I took a few pictures today and there are some very nice boats going across the block today.  Gary

Love the arrow detail on the reg numbers

On trailers so you can take them home asap

mmmmmmm, should I? mmmmmmmm

I have no idea what this IZ.. But itz kinda bad azz!

That 1961 24 Sportsman is a NO RESERVE deal! YEEEEIKES

So, again here is the LINK to the AUCTION, ITS NOW.. AND NOT GOING TO LAST, SO YOU GOT TO JOHNNY HUSSLE.. Sorry, we just got the news. By! Buy? Bi? Okay that last Bi? I really dont want to know about.


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  1. tom
    tom says:

    I know this is way off topic, maybe not even the place to air this, but I just received my insurance renewal papers from Hagerty today, premium almost doubled from last year, same boat, same everything. This boat might leave the shed 3 times a year, at most.

    • mikeS
      mikeS says:

      Yup, same here. Hagerty sold the classic boat segment out to Markel. My rate went up 125%. When I called them, they said that the best they could do was a 95% increase without decreasing coverage. Try Grundy’s. Up less than 10% versus the old Hagerty policy with no decrease in coverage

      • Troy in ANE
        Troy in ANE says:

        It has been rumored for years that they would sell after Carla retired.

        I don’t know if they tried hanging on or just delayed to save face.

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