The Rest Of The List Of Big 2012 ACBS Winners From This Years International Show.

Lisa Byrne at the helm of Miss Lisa One the top big winners this year. Photo Matt Byrne

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Karen Harrison who tirelessly put this list of the winners of the big ACBS 2012 International show together for us all. , we can now see who was a big winner this year.. Some of this is from memory so if we are wrong. We deeply apologize…Wait.. this is free.. get a life, get your own list together, sitting there with your fancy coffee judging us..Wow, that was a tad harsh.. How bout, just let us know and we will fix it. Heck make it up, we may not know the difference. And what is the difference between the last two awards anyway?

With out further ado and insults. Here ya go!

Best Non-Wood – “Golden Oldie” a 1966 17′ Century Fiber Sport owned by Guy, Jacque & Jackson McCollum
Best Outboard with Steering – “Lil Woody” a 1942 15′ Century Imperial Sportsman owned by Charles & Marilyn Rathbun
Best Cruiser Preserved – “Andrew J” a 1948 26′ Higgins Deluxe Sedan Cruiser owned by Jeff Oppenheimer
Best Cruiser Restored – “Klondike” a 1938 25′ Chris Craft Clipper owned by Paul Anderson
Best Launch Preserved – “Duchess of Chula Vista” a 1937 18′ Duke Playmate owned by Tom Irwin
Best Launch Restored – “Tolka” a 1929 35′ Bell Laboratory Limousine Launch owned by Lee Anderson
Best Contemporary – “Thunder” a 2001 27’6″ Peter Breen owned by Michael Thompson
Best Classic Runabout Preserved – “Magic” a 1947 19’6″ Gar Wood Deluxe runabout owned by Alan Downey
Best Classic Runabout Restored – “Partners Choice” a 1955 21′ Chris Craft Capri owned by Lee Hunt
Best Classic Utility Preserved – “Changing Course” a 1964 20′ Chris Craft Super Sport owned by Dale & Debra Sirois
Best Classic Utility Restored – “Liberty Bella” a 1964 20′ Chris Craft Super Sport owned by Michael Beachner
Best Antique Runabout Preserved – “Chief Waramaug” a 1927 22′ Chris Craft Cadet owned by Jack Beatley
Best Antique Runabout Restored – “McKenzie” a 1929 29′ Hacker Craft Dolphin Deluxe owned by Mark Andreae
Best Antique Utility Preserved – oh crap I can’t read what I wrote here… maybe too much wine at this point!
Best Antique Utility Restored – “Nancy Jane” a 1937 18′ Century Utility owned by John Grech
Best Race Boat Preserved – “Miss America IX” a 1930 30′ Gar Wood Harmsworth Racer owned by Charles Mistele
Best Race Boat Restored – “Antoinette V” a 1929 26′ Kramer Boat Works Gentleman’s Racer owned by John Zea
Best Classic Chris Craft – “Time Machine” a 1967 20′ Chris Craft Super Sport owned by Mary Ann Ohnheiser
Best Antique Chris Craft – “Dream On” a 1940 22′ Chris Craft Deluxe Utility owned by Kirk Smith
Best Century – “Jazzy Lady” a 1940 20′ Century Sedan owned by Dick & Louise Werner
Best Gar Wood – “Jane” a 1932 25’6″ Gar Wood Runabout owned by Jud Laws
Best Hacker-Craft – “Julie Ann” a 1932 20′ Hacker Craft Triple Cockpit Owner Joe Whitsett restored by Ed Fairchild
Best Higgins – a 1956 17′ Higgins Sport Speedster owned by Ray Kelsey
Best Lyman – “Nothin Fancy” a 1960 16′ Lyman Runabout owned by Robert Harke
People’s Choice – “Tolka” a 1929 35′ Bell Laboratory Limousine Launch owned by Lee Anderson
Original Boat – “Summertime” a 1949 25′ Chris Craft Sportsman owned by Clay Thompson
Most Original – “Irish Mist” a 1960 17’Chris Craft Cavalier owned by Rafe Hunsucker

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  1. Andreas
    Andreas says:

    Congrats to all winners but a special shout out to “Nancy Jane” for Best Antique Utility resored. A Minnesota boat with a great story and great family!

  2. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    I started to list them as the presentations were made to the winners but quickly gave up; couldn’t read my own scribbles.

    Congrats to all of the winners!!!

  3. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    I wish I could have been there to see all of these great boats. Nice to see that Kirk Smith got Best Antique CC with Dream On. Kirk is a very active member of the Water Wonderland Chapter in Northern Michigan.

  4. john
    john says:

    Many pictures of the boats are also available for viewing on the Heartland Classics Chapter website, There are stories from the event with some pictures and then more pictures in the photo albums tab, go to the bottom of the albums and click on 2012 ACBS and you will find dolzens of pcitures.

  5. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    Not to change the subject … but I was on the MSN homepage and they have those ad in the righthand corner.
    This time for the TV show Modern Family, It runs when you open the page.. I thought I saw a wood boat, maybe a Century in the small clip. I do not have a TV but a wood boat always catches my Eye. Not enough wood boats in the available product out there… Just say’in….

  6. Ed Fairchild
    Ed Fairchild says:

    I owe an apology to Joe Whitsett of Indianapolis. He is the owner of the Hacker Julie Ann and Iam the fortunate one who gets to work on his boats. I filled out the registration for the show and my name showed up as the owner. I tried to correct that at the registration table but it didn’t get changed on the judging sheets….

  7. matt
    matt says:

    Ed, how do you sleep at night! HA, Just made the change. We can do that here licitly split, like it never happened.

  8. Jean and Pat
    Jean and Pat says:

    Matt: We were proud as could be riding in the Boat Parade yesterday on Geneva Lake aboard the gorgeous, shiny Miss Lisa. Thank you for including us and making us feel like celebrities.

    You are such a multi- talented guy. We never stop marveling at your abilities, helpful attitude, and wisdom. We couldn’t have asked for a better mate or captain for OUR Miss Lisa. Love you. Pat and Jean

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