The Woody Wedding Sausage, Bratwurst?

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The Boatress and Suz enjoying themselves.. ALOT

The milking of the Woody Wedding is coming to an end. And the Sausage part of any milking is a great way to conclude it all. For those of you new readers, Milking is the term for turning one story into many, and sausage is the collection of  unrelated images that together make a yummy sausage, or in this case, with so many europeans Bratwurst? So here ya go.

Wayne and Kelsey doing the Oyster thing.

The Boatress , her brother and Niece AKA “The Sandwich” and Wayne.. Wayne cracks me up.. party on..WAYNE

Berlin Beuro at the helm of Yip Yap.

The Yappy Couple

Life long friends. Since the second grade

Posing for “official” images

Those Wicker sisters are not really all that great for hard turns

The groom took over the bar

Boat rides, boat rides and more boat rides.

We used every second of nice weather

The fleet was used heavily

The Bride and her best pal. Oreo

Hank, Felix and Yip Yap. “That thing is crazy”

Taking photos of the new Woody Boater  invention”Otto Pilot”

You may recall the image. “Otto” pilot

Mr B and Ruby were wiped out from all the entertaining

You can see it in Mr B’s eye. So done with it all. We aren’t. There are never enough beautiful sunsets to enjoy. Sorry Mr B.

Lots of group photos.. SWEET PEA is a beast of a party boat

Father of the bride and brother of the bride tending bar. The real bartenders were invited to JOIN the party and have some fun around 11 PM. They did.

Three old friends and old men can we all go home now.. Wait, got to pee first.

Wayne praying about his “Gift” oh boy,, whats happening.

Wayne and Heidi, gave Hank and Suz an engraved Sword and the couple enjoyed doing the pop the top thing. The sword was also used to cut cake, and pretty much anything else that needed cutting. Mac and Cheese, cupcakes..

The “Moms” Headed to the wedding in The Model A..

The new Otto Pilot can work on any boat. He is portable.. For now.

German Gummi Bears. Made with Real suger not High Fructose. HUGE difference. And far far far far better.

Mr B at 1AM showed up to keep the party going. Mission accomplished.

Posing for more Official Photos Oreo could just sit in Suz’s arms all day long.

We did okay. A private moment. How I pulled off 35 years with her is still one of my life’s most unanswered questions.

The calm of a slow boatride yesterday with the happy couple. You can see the contentment on her face. A well deserved calm after the joy storm

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  1. Steve Anderson from Michigan
    Steve Anderson from Michigan says:

    Awesome! Our oldest son is the first of ours to get married on Saturday. Can’t wait!


  2. Ron in Seattle
    Ron in Seattle says:

    Nice photos of a nice time! Nice that the boatress lets you wear a workshirt with epoxy on the sleeve…

  3. Bill & Linda
    Bill & Linda says:

    Is someone standing on a varnished deck with SHOES…?
    Must be a daily driver already scratched up…..

  4. Gail Turner
    Gail Turner says:

    Too much fun! What a wonderful event and amazing venue! Thanks for sharing all of this with us – it has been fun seeing it unfold.

  5. Troy on the SC / NC line.
    Troy on the SC / NC line. says:

    Sausage days are the best, that’s how you get “The Rest of the Story”!

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