They Had A Boat Show In Wisconsin.

Can boats infect each other?

Well? Here goes, I am gonna try and stay on the razors edge of avoiding politics. We are living in a time where Science and Politics are somehow intertwined. I do understand on an emotional level. Especially up in Wisconsin. That area gets summer for a month. And good god, the summers are perfect, and one could go completely wack-a-doodle without some vitamin D. So I ask. Was this Insane? Or worth the risk for some sanity?

North of Green Bay, I didn’t know you could go further North of there. Isn’t it all Antartica up there? Don’t you fall off the earth? It’s flat.. right?

I did look at the COVID map, this area has around 10 reported cases since they started tracking. So there is an argument for the risk o meter being on the very low side. Here is the report.

Mahogany and plastic can get along. Why not the rest of the world

This past Saturday, there was a small gathering of classic boaters in Three Lakes, Wi at Pikes Pine Isle on the 28 lake chain we had 28 boats show up. It was a brisk and windy day but the piers were packed and cars parked a quarter mile away to come see the only show not cancelled so far in Wisconsin.

Part of me is thinking, this is nuts, the other part of me is saying. Wow, love that pre war! 

There was live music and the smell of brats and burgers was in the air. The boats ranged from a teens Racine canoe to Roberta Hegy’s 2015 Glen’L Torpedo. 3 17′ Chris-Craft Deluxe runabouts, 3 Higgins of which one was a one owner.


And a scattering of others. No trophy’s were awarded, just a gathering for good times.

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I think all of this is coming down to your own personal tolerance for exposure.

    In rural areas like northern Wisconsin where the infection levels are very low, outdoor gatherings that take the appropriate precautions seem appropriate to me. If however you yourself are in the high risk category; stay away.

    Here in Maine one of the clubs I belong to have gone ahead with some events and canceled others that they felt could not be properly controlled.

  2. Steve Anderson from Michigan
    Steve Anderson from Michigan says:

    Another consideration is the distance traveled, both by the participants and the spectators. If all the boats were local, as was the crowd, it’s probably not an issue. It would be sad to hear that people came from all over and now that area is a Hotspot. It is difficult to control, but could probably be done.

    • Mike in (S.E. Michigan)
      Mike in (S.E. Michigan) says:

      My thoughts exactly. Same concept with U.P. vs. L.P. in MI. The U.P. has fewer medical resources/ICU beds etc. A local event, attended by locals in an area without sustained transmission is probably not much of an issue. What if Hessel was held this year and was visited by a large group of boats from S.E. Michigan or other hotspots? That is where issues arise and cannot be well controlled ….

  3. Todd C
    Todd C says:

    Sorry to be so blunt. If we do not like it, or are not comfortable, We didn’t have come. For me professionally – I have to consider traveling state lines and the potential of a quarantine. On the other hand – why would having a mask on in a dock not make it okay / safer?

  4. Steve bunda
    Steve bunda says:

    The Pikes were very nice and professional hosts. Jim in standing by the pine tree and picnic table.

  5. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    I can’t tell from the photos – what is the boat with the white hull and wood-framed windshield?

  6. Jaxon
    Jaxon says:

    I slept through the whole thing. Rumors at the dog park yesterday were that Pikes is dog friendly and even has a dog “business” area. I’ll wake up next time.

  7. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    The risk from the virus for halfway healthy people under 70 is WAY WAY overblown, but many in our hobby fall on the wrong side of that demarcation so it does matter who attends. Out door events are low risk of transmission, and if participants self select based on their own risk profile, get togethers are a good thing.

  8. Mike Erstad
    Mike Erstad says:

    I was there for the day along with Jim S and many others enjoying the outdoors and of course the beautiful boats….Next year I hope to have my 1956 Century Resorter 18′ there as it’s almost finished….


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