They Had A Party On Bass Lake A Couple Weeks Ago! And Were We Invited?

Do we all want to see that selfie she took? YES!

No! Okay, maybe the invite was lost in the mail. Or maybe it’s a logistics and shipping issue? Maybe California has some new whacko law about boats from out of state? Either way, the good news is we have pictures. And since there are no captions. Well. You know what that means. And even better, I found some great old images of the lake from back in the day.

Duck for those power lines

Lets go!

Gotta say, Bass lake has some major vintage vibe. Like it was man made back in 1910! Yes. How cool is that. These small lakes are getting to be a rare thing in California. mmmm Maybe my invite will come before it all dries up. Maybe.

Wearing the colors

A Huge thanks to  Robert “Lymehouse” Lyman for sending in the photos of the fun.. THEY HAD.. While looking to wet some rear cockpit friends, owner Mark Manes discovered the benefits of a non-trip chine.

What the!

A couple of weekends ago, ACBS NorCal/Lake Tahoe had their annual event at Bass Lake.

The highlight, besides the awesome people and cool boats, was a ride on Mona Lee, a 1990 Chris Craft Model 103 reproduction.

Mona Lee

The Twins

Oh hell ya

It’s always cool in California

Dutch Treat

Color is so wonderful in the California light

Very cool Century

Plastic goodness

Sportn the name tag in style

Looks like it would be a fun, fast ride

Milking the light

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    • Reddog
      Reddog says:

      Looks like a Besties boat. I looked it up they are very similar. And if you enlarge picture. You can see the name on the side.

      • Reddog
        Reddog says:

        Not besties…. BESOTES darn spell check. ….. Matt how do you deal with that? It must want to correct every other word you type.

  1. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    Launched the woody boat yesterday! Couple fun laps of the main body of our small lake. Then sputter, stall, restart, run briefly, repeat, then sputter, stall, restart, stall immediately upon applying throttle, repeat. Dammit – new Suzuki just 2 years ago! Malibu is still buried behind the 5 cars in the barn. Week day on a mostly weekender lake & before Memorial Day. Called to tell him I’d be awhile, as I was now paddling the mile home! Thankfully, one of our fulltime neighbors already had his pontoon in & brought hubby to rescue me.

  2. Tim Robinson
    Tim Robinson says:

    Bass lake is almost dead center in California. The show was started over 30 years ago by Paul and Jackie Mehus as well as Glory Beal. The location was chosen to bring the Northern Cal. And Southern Cal. Chapters Of ACBS together for a fun weekend. Bass Lake is a man made reservoir that has a beautiful alpine setting.

  3. Mark Manes
    Mark Manes says:

    We had a great time Robert, thanks for the nice write up and great pictures from my power slide! Sorry to our president, Virginia, who did say she wanted a “ride” (with a wink) for her friend before we left the dock.

  4. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    There is a reason I refer to the aft cockpit as the “Mother
    -in-Law Seat”… 😉 The video of that moment is hilarious and scary at the same time. Many years ago, I had family who were visiting the NW out in “Tango” for a ride around Bainbridge Island and when we returned to the bay I did a high-speed sweep/turn to port in front of the house. The boat was full of people and in the middle of the turn, flattened out and began a slow, sideways slide! I gently reduced the throttle and adjusted the wheel a touch. No one knew how close we came to disaster…

  5. Virginia Gompertz
    Virginia Gompertz says:

    Hey Ya’ll!

    You’re certainly invited to any of our ACBS Northern California/Lake Tahoe events coming up quickly: “Wood & Glory” in Clearlake June 2-5, 2022. “Runabouts on the River” at Stockton Sailing Club July 22-24, or Delta Cruise in Isleton Sept 30 – Oct 2nd. Learn more & Sign up:

    I’ll give you a ride in my ’57 Capri, “Miss Virginia.” She’s a kick. My husband loves her too.

    Take care!
    Virginia (brunette in Bass Lake photo)
    President, ACBS NorCal/Lake Tahoe Chapter

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