They’re Headed To The Tahoe Show, The One This Weekend! Not The Last One, Or The One Later In September.


Mike Mayor headed South To Tahoe with some fresh varnish..OK. We all know what you are yelling right now.

They are headed South, West and North to Lake Tahoe this weekend for the big show at Obexer’s Boat Co, not to be confused with the South Lake Tahoe show that was a couple weeks ago, and the big International Show in September at Sierra Boat Co. Heck, we should have just gone there a couple weeks ago and stayed through October. The good news is there is a Jazzy Website all set up for you to enjoy finding out more about the show. This weekends show, not the one in September, that’s on the ACBS website, that’s also Jazzy-ish.. Visit both you will see. OK, maybe the ACBS one is snappy and the other Jazzy, and the earlier one is..well, I don’t know. Its so last week.. Confused?

hank tahoe

The boats are arriving at Obexers! Stay tuned later today for a full report! Photo Steve Natale

Here is a simple way to think about it. One is a local club show. SOUTH, one is a snazzy, no wait, JAZZY Concourse thing, like the pebble beach of classic boat shows. They take judging there very seriously. You better have all your screws right! And I aint talk’n flat vs Philips, I am talking Reed & Prince vs Philips and if your cleat needs a #8 and you used a #10, you are dead in the water. OK, that’s the Jazzy one. And BTW, thank god there is a show like that out there. Its the best of the best. OK, not that others don’t have nice boats, Gull Lake is coming up and thats insane stuff – August 27th BTW. And Clayton was last weekend, which is also the best of the best. Man this is exhausting!

Tahoe2004 disk7 042

This is at Sierra Boat Co.  For the International

OK, back to Tahoe’s shows. Then there is the BIG SHOW at Sierra Boat Co in September that we mentioned in a flurry of Tahoe Shows. Thats only this year, like the Olympics its a traveling show. Like last years Gull Lake Show, which was not to be confused with the normal Gull Lake show that was in August last year, and will be again this year in August. But not the ACBS international in Tahoe, that was in Gull lake. See it all makes sense…Right? Did I loose you at Reed & Prince? Dang it, that happens all the time.

and for those of you younger folks!

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    OH Darn! Where is Tahoe? I thought that was a ski resort or something.
    I guess I will just go boating.
    Stella! STELLA! STELLA!!!

  2. Carla
    Carla says:

    Looking forward to seeing everyone in Tahoe this weekend. I feel like I’ve been in hiding the past two months, but I’m back! Been missing my friends, the boats, the shenanigans and this weekend, a Wet Woody at Garwoods! See you all long as Delta cooperates!

  3. Flash
    Flash says:

    Here’s my real life Stella. And yes, she’s as wild as she seems in this picture that showed up in my Facebook memories this morning from 3 years ago.

  4. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Saw the list of entries but I didn’t see Dort listed. Thought she’d be there, especially since she is a racer and especially since she’s been at every one since the very first show. Did I miss something. Hope Mary Jo and the boys all okay. Tell the rest I said “Hey !”

  5. Rick
    Rick says:

    Straight shot directly west for me. I f I leave now I’ll be a little late but maybe if I hit all green lights for 2802 miles it will be close. Tahoe some day so they can laugh at all the little things wrong with Panther.

  6. Sayra Spediacci
    Sayra Spediacci says:

    We’re going to the Concours d’ Elegance show. There’s another show? I can’t parse between the words. Heck we’re going 84mph not towing ? see ya there! Woohoo. Fun times.

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