This Just In From Minneapolis. Chris Smith Talks!


Chris Smith draws a crowd..

Yes, Chris Talks, he is not just an author, or great guy to be around, Chris gives fantastic speeches and tells very funny stories. What a great addition to the Mahogany Bay Booth at the big Show. Thanks to Russ Roque we get to bask in it all.. Take it away Russ.

Thanks Matt, we are here with Chris.. He's the one on the left.. Chris lets show some more snap shots of the show..

Wait a second Russ, Todd here.. Did I mention that we have Tempo here.. Thats what the Woody Boaters want to see..

Just imagine sitting there and startn her up.. Take it away Mr Lombardo..

Thanks for tuning in. More from NYC and Minnesota Stay tuned.. Get it.. Tuned.. Lombardo.. Music, TV, tuned.. Rim Shot.. Cough Cough, Crickets.. Man.. it’s getting late..

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  1. peter woods
    peter woods says:

    Its been long known the Mr. Smith has a soft spot for the ubiquitious Sea Skiff. One day last year he even signed mine, a gesture I will treasure forever.

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