This Just In From The New York Boat Show, Start Spreading The News!

Thanks to fellow Woody Boaters, John and Kim, And Natasha, and Peter, and the folks from Hall’s…… OK I get it, the entire world is there.. and thanks to them and their good humor and cameras, now guys like Jerry from Omaha is there on Woody Boater.. Sadly.. Wyoming will not enjoy the treat since NO ONE IN WYOMING reads this! I digress… Looks like there is a good showing of varnish at the show, the folks from Anitique Boat America are there, Halls Marina ,Hacker and Adirondack Boats who has been making a media splash in NYC this week while also apearing on a segment with Martha Stewart.. Thats a good thing! So, here goes.. What you have been waiting for.. Photos!

The good folks from Antique Boat America are there

So are the folks from Hacker. In Full force by the way. Very nice booth

Also a nice showing from Halls Marina. Very cool stuff.

The Hacker Booth

A snazzy Model at the Antique Boat America Booth.. What would a boat show be without models... Wait one darn minute.. Hey,, where are the babes..

Nice Elco electric boat

Nice new Chris-Craft. Start the family tradition and buy a Chris Craft at the NYC Show.

And of course.. The big money shot.. Everyone needs one eventually. All we need now is a Chris Craft Mahogany gold leaf toilet seat cover.. Ohhhhhhh

Thanks to John and Kim and the daughter Natasha for sharing a family tradition with all of us, they go each year starting with a ferry ride into the city. Also a big shout out to The folks at Antique Boat America, Hall’s Marina on Lake George.. A Very cool place by the way…, Adirondack Guide Boats and Hacker Boats for showing the world of plastic that these fine wood watercraft still own a place in our souls. This sort of effort at these shows requires a ton of work, money and commitment. We all owe them a big thanks. So THANKS! Stay tuned.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    FMYC saw the Hall’s and Elco guys at the Norwalk show!

    The more time I spend on the site, the more I think it is a smaller and smaller community! We have spent some time with the boat Elegante I see you covered briefly too.

  2. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    It does take a lot of planning to get all of the boats and displays off the surrounding streets and into the buildings in a certain order. It’s a logistics nightmare to keep from jamming up in the streets, keeping entries accessible, etc. They all go in in one order and out, after the show, in reverse order. It’s a “hurry up and wait” game.

    The guys that organize this at the St. Louis Show work closely with our caravan of puck-ups and vans hauling vintage boats. They assign a time slot for us to show up, then allow us to drive straight in when we arrive, drop off the boats and displays and get back out. That’s actually the easy part compared to moving things in position, mostly by hand and arranging the actual display area. For us it’s a labor of love, for most others it’s cut-throat, competitive business.

  3. Rick
    Rick says:

    Seeing yachts being maneuvered through the NYC streets is pretty neat. Year ago (many years ago) my uncle was part of the union that did the skirts for the displays and I was lucky enough to go in with him once. The best way to describe pre-show prep was organized chaos.

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