Tick Tock Tick Tock, Just A Couple Days Left Til A New Boat Graces Your Dock.!

This killer 1963 Lyman Sleeper will be at the auction.. For sale.. ..this beauty is ready for a new owner having just undergone a complete comprehensive restoration…no holes have been made in the new teak varnished decks so the new owner can place hardware to his likening. This boat when seen will speak for itself!!! The top and side curtains are brand new with a boot for the top.

The Calendar pages have stopped turning and now its countdown time til Clayton. Just 36 hrs away. Wait, that’s 3 days. OK maybe I jumped the gun.. FALSE START! And actually the big auction is on Saturday, so that’s 4 days, or 48 hrs. mmm it’s the 48th year of the Clayton Show.. mmm that’s a coincidence? Well, actually the auction is later in the day, so its really 50 some hours. Dang, what the hell, go back to work, you have all sorts of time to do other stuff. But wait. For us, its an all day drive. Dam, bow its only 24 hrs, Dang! I can feel my adrenal glands kicking in now. Ahhh stomach enzymes. And no, I spelled adrenal on my own.. To my surprise.  So get back to work, you need to make more money. You have an expensive habit! If you want to see what else is going to be for sale, you can click here at the Antique Boat America site.

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Four days or 48 hours? Summer is short enough without you cutting the hours in a day in half!!! Please let us keep our 24 hour days until February.

  2. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    96 hours, 24 per day, Nice Lyman, you can go straight into the river and head out. If you buy at the auction be sure to get something that will float right away.

  3. matt
    matt says:

    HA, I am brain dead this morning. Been up late working for a week through the weekend. I thought that sounded funny.. Math was never one of my strong suits.. OK and spelling.. Jesus, how did I ever finish school.. Are there more classes past the 6th grade. Me and Jethro had a great sr year

  4. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Matt, after a while that lack of sleep deal begins to show in your output….chill man…..Clayton awaits….if you can stay awake for it!

    John in Va.


    Hey Matt, it was sacry to open up the site this moring, and see the picture of the Lyman, but more scary was the caption. You see, I am in the mist of buying the same model Lyman (23ft Sleeper 1690) THIS WEEK!!!! No I am not selling Old School, just need a woody that is more comfortable on longer cruises, and dry in windy weather. Ronnie and I want to do more river cruises around the country next year, and the Lyman will be a outfitted to make the trips enjoyable.
    You ARE a mind reader, now THATS scary…

    • Mike U
      Mike U says:

      Dennis, is the Lyman you are buying the one that was listed on LBOA.net site? It looks like a very nice boat. I was able to see “Old School” when you were in Whitehall a couple weekends ago – very nice as well!

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