Tons Of Tahoe Thunder! Interiors and Engines



The shots have been piling up, and we have other fun shows to talk about. Yes, as big as Tahoe is to the culture, the calssic boat world just keeps going in Hessel, Harvys Lake, Even right here in Virginia at Fleets Bay. But first lets just gafaw at the stunningness of Tahoe. A huge thanks to Phil Andrews, Steve Lapkin and Steve Natale.

Engine detail is an art form in California

The touch of red, and white flowers is perfecto

The wicker sisters california cousins.

Maybe do an interior like this for Buttercup


Hemi Cobra


One of my favorites. The colors of the bilge and age on the engine are perfect

Love the rug

Over the top perfecto

Chris craft

I sense a music theme here? Or hole covers on the interior

Good lord

Like Cher, just one name and you know who she is

Rolls Royce insanity

Stay tuned for Monday Tahoeness. Photographer Steve Lapkin has some fantastic photos for us to start the work week off. Then we travel to Harvys lake for the show this week, and then other areas of the US. Thanks Phil, who leaves today or tomorrow back home to New Zealand.


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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    The yellow and plaid interior got it right. A perfect example of how Chris Craft missed the mark with “Plaidtastic”

  2. WoodieGal
    WoodieGal says:

    Hard to believe the Riva with the yellow interior was found a few years ago as a grey boat. Good job Dan!

  3. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Yea, that Hemi Cobra has some interesting plumbing to say the least. If that’s the case, the exhaust couldn’t be water cooled until it passed thru the turbo. Any details would be interesting. Incredible quality of the pictures and boats. Well done.

    • Duster
      Duster says:

      Sorry about the brevity of that last comment. Yes the engine in the Cobra is twin supercharged. I was told they were still trying to tweak it to run right. The Boat is 007.
      The fabulous yellow & B/W checked interior Riva, belongs to Dan and Alicia Diehl. The colour scheme and the restoration on the boat is a knock out. I met Dan and Alicia the morning they arrived at the show and then we spoke on the final day again after Bella Vita had been awarded.
      They were so genuinely blown away with the recognition they received. Dan said to me that,” My Dad and I spent many many hours rebuilding this boat. Dad can’t stand for long these days but he was the bandsaw guy. He cut all the frames. He would kinda scoot up as close to the saw as he could then haul himself up and I’d give him pattern frames and he’d cut one or two before he needed to sit down again. I called Dad and told him what we’d won and he said to me Son I loved every minute working with you on that boat.” And thats the best recognition ever right there I reckon. Dan and Alicia have done an extraordinary job together. I take my Kiwi hat off to them both. Lovely people.

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