UPDATE – OFFICIAL – Lake Dora Show Dock Update! PLEASE READ!

Wilson and the flag!

We have a more official answer from Bob Tweedie Economic Development Director for the city of Taveres regarding the dock situation. This should clarify the situation and lay to rest any concerns we all have regarding the show. Many folks reached out to the city asking for clarification. mmmmm, Florida – old angry people? Classic Boaters? Old angry people with old boats..

A man from Florida!

Imagine trying to manage a government with these two groups coming for you.. Like the AARP wants to go on vacation after a long winter. The good news, is Bob, Terry and the entire team, of BTW old angry people that like boats as well,  is doing his best to make it all happen. now if you will excuse me, i have to go yell at some kids on my lawn!

All kidding aside, here is Bobs email to us all.

The City has selected, through a Request for Qualifications procurement process as required by Florida Statute, Haskell Corporation for the design/build project to reconstruct the Tavares Seaplane Base & Marina facilities destroyed by Hurricane Irma.   We have issued a contract and Notice to Proceed on the design, due diligence, permitting phase of the project on August 1, 2018.  Under the terms of that contract Haskell has 240 days to complete this phase of the project.  Upon completion of this phase of the project, by  the end of March, 2019 Haskell will have secured all necessary permitting on behalf of the City and  provide a detailed construction plans, construction cost and construction schedule.  Upon acceptance and approval by the City’s insurance Carrier, which is funding 98% of the cost of the project (including design) the construction phase contract will be required to be brought to City Council for approval at a scheduled public City Council meeting and a notice to proceed for construction will be issued upon approval and execution of that construction phase contract with a completion date based upon the construction schedule provided by the contractor and agreed upon by the City.  The date of construction commencement and completion will be determined upon completion of design and subsequent contract approval/execution. 

Docks, we dont need no stinking docks!

Although permanent docks/facilities will not be completed in time for this year’s  Sunnyland annual Antique and Classic Boat Show,  scheduled for March 22-24, 2019,  the City is working with a temporary dock vendor and the insurance carrier to provide floating temporary docks for the boat show, as it did last year.  It is anticipated that the floating dock boat capacity will be larger than last year and the layout will provide for individual boat slip docking as opposed to the linear docking of last year’s show . City staff  is coordinating/communicating this effort with Terri Feist and the boat show leadership team and has made a commitment to  providing  them with the temporary dock layout and boat capacity by the beginning of January.   

One of the temporary docks last year. These worked out great

We will continue to update the boat show leadership team as with any and all new developments and schedules related to the rebuild of the permanent facilities and the temporary boat show docks.

Best Regards,

Bob Tweedie, C.M.
Economic Development Director
City of Tavares

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  1. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Ok, sounds encouraging long term…but the I bet the boat that the reason, the only reason, it is taking another year is some political/ bureaucratic BS. Private sector project would be DONE. Use the old approved plans, put back what you had, and get er done.

    John in Va

  2. Briant
    Briant says:

    Ya see. I rest my case of what I rambled on about the other day…appoint one person and the job is done pronto….have a god-forbid committee of folks and it takes decades to complete the mostly likely sub par project…via meetings, and retreats, and crap. You can see it above in their statement…what a bunch of gobbley gook.

    And in two years, the real end docks cannot be finished…but somehow, temporary docks can be ordered up, installed, removed,….TWICE? Oh yeah, the efficiency is just primo….not.

    Well, at least they’ll be something there and the show will be great for folks anyways.

  3. charley quimby
    charley quimby says:

    Haskell will have all permits in hand by the end of March 2019, then the chain of organizational approvals start. I watched a good friend of mine build a house. All permits within three or four months, then the powers that be began their approval/disapproval parade. Eight years from permit in hand to groundbreaking… Just sayin’. CQ

  4. Dave Nau
    Dave Nau says:

    And it took 16 months to build the whole Pentagon during WWII. It all depends on how bad the government wants something done.

    It took 11 months to rebuild the Pentagon damage after 9/11. Employees started moving back in on 8/15/2002. That rebuilding time included reopening the original quarry to extract matching stone for the rebuilding.

    Just sayin’.

    But then, for the Pentagon, it was wartime.

    Recreational boating docks are further down the list. Let’s hope it’s all done for the March, 2020 show.

  5. Old Salt
    Old Salt says:

    I suggest anyone who is not happy with the speed of the rebuild of the permanent docks run for public office on your local council positions and experience the process first hand. Then you will understand why as the community gets angry with you when you rush through a project that is not engineered properly and doesn’t last long and the public see it as wasting their taxe dollars.

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