We Are Green To Go To Dora.

Green Leather in Baby Chick

Today we all bask in the greenness of St Patrick’s Day and at least there is some sort of theme to a story. The other good news is you get to pinch that gal you like for not wearing green and have a good #me too defense. At least we did in the 6th grade. Oh well. Maybe not so much these days.

Pea Green from our pals at Kirby Paints. The Exclusive paint Partner of WoodyBoater. LOVE THEM!

So I will just post green stuff today, and we can all just look forward to being together and being green with envy at each others pandemic distractions. 9 Days!

We look forward to seeing old friends

Maybe we will run into each other in Florida? No?

I look forward to breaking down with the Harrisons

A different sort of green

Green plastic joy

Green details

Torch Lake Green glorious water

Green bottoms

Chesapeake Green

Red White Blue and Sweet Pea Green

A Green Paradise

A little green universe on the Dora Canal

Lo-ok-ing for green fish

Green art is the best art, not that Art, sticker art. Not that Art may not get sticky from time to time.

Green..ish Aluminum

Green and yellow and some red



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  1. Mark in O hio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in O hio (sometimes da U P) says:

    A day for wearing of the green. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all🍀🍻

  2. Troy in FLA
    Troy in FLA says:

    OK so now am wondering if I am CRAZY!

    I hired a surveyor named Donnelly to do a survey tomorrow (the day after St. Patrick’s day). Dang I wonder what kind of shape he will be in. What was I thinking!?!?!?!?!?

    Nice Teal Green on a FiberGlassic!

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