What Sort Of Mood is Your Woody Boat In? Nothing A Week In The Sun Can’t Fix!



So you are thinking, this Woody Boater guy is nuts. First he thinks that there are human emotions all buried in the grain of my boat, and now this lunatic is claiming my boat has a MOOD! Really? A mood, like as in, when i leave the toilet seat up to many times and she gets in “One Of Those Moods” Really?


A stern bow smile

Ya! That’s what I am saying. Hey its winter. Got anything else to talk about? Politics. Nope, the weather, OK, its warm here. So does your boat have moods? Some days better than others? You are not the only one that needs “Get Out There” Therapy. Think how your Woody Boat feels, all stuck on a trailer all the time waiting for you to come home. That Woody Boat was conceived to go! And yes, I said Conceived. She is a gift, and should be treated that way, or she will sputter when cold, start slowly when left alone in the cold. Her skin will dry up when left in the sun. Just like you. If she doesn’t get her Fuel, she stops running.


Wooohooo! Lets Go! Redwing by Bob Kays

Your Woody boat needs to get out just as bad as you do! And you know what. YOU CAN IN A MONTH DO JUST THAT. That’s right, we are talking about Lake Dora, come on.. You selfish SOB! Thinking of just watching it all here on Woody Boater? YOUR boat doesn’t have internet out in the cold barn! Heartless I say. Heartless.


I am so lonely! Photo Eric Fraizier

Just think how wonderful she will feel, slipped into the Warm Waters of lake Dora surrounded by all her family. You can do that, right. Hell, you can leave and go out drinking with your friends. She won’t care. Cause she will be drinking as well! Fresh lake Water!


Thats one happy boat! Thanks Bob Kays for the photos


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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Southwest says bags fly free but boats are a no-go. I could drive down, but my tow vehicle is one of those polluting VW diesels that kills babies and wildlife.

  2. Bob B
    Bob B says:

    2nd owner we’ve had our 1948 CC over 40 years. She’s never had a bad mood. Occasional illne$$, but never a bad mood.

  3. Stephen Fowler
    Stephen Fowler says:

    I’ve always found that when working on my classic cars, a bolt that won’t dislodge or a difficult to diagnose fault usually gives way when I sweet talk the car in question. I think you are on to something here, Matt.

  4. Garry
    Garry says:

    Man o chevitz, you really hit it on the head this morning. I go out to the barn and we have sweet wonderful conversations. She apologizes for all those broken screws and I continue to caress.
    C’mon summer.

  5. gesfour
    gesfour says:

    Sort of related, I had lunch at the Boathouse Restaurant at Disney Springs yesterday. I’m now back in the frozen north. My kids were thrilled to see an Amphicar in the water. I was really amazed at how much the sun brutalizes the varnish on the boats. My boat and I spent most of our lives in the Les Cheneaux Islands and now in the Finger Lakes. Northern sun exposure has nothing on Florida’s rays.

    All of the boats were beautiful regardless. I know the site has done a story before but it is well worth the visit if you are ever in the Orlando area.

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