Woods And Water 2015 Promises To Be A Premier Classic Boating Event

Gull Lake Story 40

Two of five 33′ Liberty V-12 powered Baby Gars at Gull Lake – “Cicada” 1928 and “Sea Wolf” 1927 from the Lee Anderson collection. – Dane Anderson photo.

Known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” – Minnesota has a rich and colorful maritime and resorting tradition reaching back to the late 1800’s. The passion for antique & classic boats in this region of the country is remarkable, and the diversity of the boats (and collections) represents the full spectrum of water craft from every decade, designer, manufacturer and engine supplier since the first engine was installed in a boat – and even earlier.

Today we have a fresh Press Release from the great folks at the Bob Speltz Land-O-Lakes Chapter, who have been hard at work organizing this premier event for more than two years – since it was announced on Woody Boater in March 2013. – Texx

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Gull Lake, Minnesota
September 20-26, 2015

It’s Official!

The Bob Speltz Land-O-Lakes Chapter ACBS invites you to attend the 40th Antique & Classic Boat Society’s Annual Meeting & International Boat Show at Bar Harbor on Gull Lake, Minnesota.

In conjunction with the ACBS International event (Sept. 23-26) the Bob Speltz Land-O-Lakes Chapter (representing Minnesota and western Wisconsin) has an entire week of activities planned – branding the week-long festival “Woods and Water” in honor of the natural resources and the fine antique & classic craft you’ll see while at the show.

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Madden’s Resort on Gull Lake is the headquarters for the event, and the location for the ACBS International registration, meetings and Saturday awards banquet. Madden’s on Gull Lake, was recently ranked number 53 of the top 100 Hotels and Resorts in the world by Conde Nast Traveler’s Magazine. Like Bar Harbor’s, Madden’s history as a vacation destination reaches back to the Great Depression.

The Bar Harbor Supper Club on the shores of beautiful Gull Lake is the location of the International Boat Show – offering room for more than 100 boats at their modern docks, as well as land displays. The actual boat show takes place September 25th & 26th but there’s an entire week of activities planned for attendees.

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Woods and Water 2015 Schedule

Pre-Show Events

Sunday, 9/20
– Welcome dinner at the Bar Harbor Supper Club

Monday, 9/21
– Cruise the Whitefish Chain of Lakes

Tuesday, 9/22
– Lake Alexander cruise

Wednesday, 9/23
– Gull Lake cruise

Thursday, 9/24
– ACBS Annual Meetings at Madden’s Resort
– Minnesota Lakes Maritime Museum tour

Boat Show Events

Friday, 9/25
– Boat show at the docks at Bar Harbor on Gull Lake
– Scholarship Auction at the Anderson Classic Boat Museum in Nisswa

Saturday, 9/26
– Boat show at the docks at Bar Harbor on Gull Lake

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How to Sign Up

Printed registration forms will be mailed to ACBS members in the April edition of The Rudder. You’ll also be able to download a PDF of the form on the Woods & Water website in mid April. Completed registration forms need to be received at ACBS headquarters by August 1st. Note, boat slips for the show are on a first come, first serve basis as dock space is limited. Also note that some events have attendee limits.

Wait, There’s More . . .

For the super-enthusiast, the Bob Speltz Land-O-Lakes Chapter will be holding their 40th Annual Rendezvous on beautiful Lake Minnetonka, September 18-19 (the weekend prior to the big ACBS International show). The chapter cordially invites ACBS members to begin celebrating early by participating in their local show and pre-show cruise. The show returns to its original location at Lord Fletcher’s Old Lake Lodge in 2015.

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Greg Kasson in “Princess Paige” – John Allen’s award winning 1926 Earl C. Barnes launch. – Gull Lake, MN.

Stay in the Loop

Look forward to regular updates here on Woody Boater pertaining to show activities as well as historical information on the destinations and boats you’ll see while in Minnesota. You can also join the official Woods & Water email list by Clicking Here. The social media inclined may follow the event at our Facebook page.

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Our friend and fellow Woody Boater John Allen in “MOWITZA II” his amazing 1928 Ditchburn 27′ Viking on Gull Lake, MN.

Welcome to Our Part of the World

We’re proud to invite all classic boat enthusiasts to join us for this first-ever upper Midwest ACBS show. We hope our central location makes it easy for boaters from all over the country to make the trip. We can’t wait to show off our woods and water while seducing you with The Lure of the Land of Lakes. Make sure to watch the video in HD mode.

This video will give you a taste of what you can expect. A big thanks goes out to fellow Woody Boaters Bruce Bildsten and Mark Setterholm for making this video a reality!

For more information on the 2015 Woods and Water event you can Click Here to see their official website which will be updated on a regular basis. We will bring you further updates on the big show over the next few months leading up to the show. You can also contact the Bob Speltz Land-O-Lakes Chapter ACBS at their website by Clicking Here.

Are you planning to attend? Let us know in the comment section.

Photos for todays story are courtesy of Dane Anderson and Woody Boater.


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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    The bearings on my trailers will never last long enough to make it all the way to Gull Lake. If I fly in, is there a place where I can rent a hideous 1980’s pontoon for the week? I could photobomb all the nice Garwoods and make Matt work overtive photoshopping it out of every pic!

  2. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    There are plenty of places to rent a hideous pontoon. There also will be plenty of BSLOL members there who will be happy to welcome you aboard. There’s a reason for the term “Minnesota Nice.”

  3. Mr. Andreas Jordahl Rhude
    Mr. Andreas Jordahl Rhude says:

    There will be “normal” people boats at the events too. Boats that the average Joe can afford like a lapstrake outboard or a strip built fishing boat. Hopefully a bunch of classic fiberglass and aluminum watercraft too.

  4. Dave Bortner
    Dave Bortner says:

    We’re looking forward to hosting the event, and welcoming folks from all over the country (countries?) to Minnesota! We’ve already heard about several significant boats coming from both coasts. Not to be missed!

  5. 7FTCWBY
    7FTCWBY says:

    I can promise one Glassic. This boat cruised in Pillager (10 Miles from Gull Lake) for 44 years before I moved it a bit further west to Moorhead, MN. Can’t wait to bring her home. Even contacted the original owner in hopes that he will come see what he bought new is now a classic.

  6. Texx
    Texx says:

    One of the many highlights at the 2015 Woods and Water event will be the Scholarship Auction at the Anderson Classic Boats Museum in Nisswa on Friday night. The opportunity to experience Lee & Penny Anderson’s amazing boat house and collection of rare boats is a “must see” for classic boating enthusiasts.

  7. Texx
    Texx says:

    With more than 30 boats on display at the Anderson facility, like “Tolka” a rare 1928 Bell 31′ Launch.

  8. Texx
    Texx says:

    When we met Lee Anderson at his boathouse last summer, he noted that his recent focus has been on historic wooden race boats, many with original power – which we will include in a future Woods and Water story here at Woody Boater.

  9. Peter Stephens
    Peter Stephens says:

    This will be a great show & meeting. A beautiful part of the country…can’t wait! I’ve never been to this region. I look forward to seeing Matt dodging m-fine’s pontoon boat. Hope to see you all there!

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      Reddog – Just click on this photo to the right in the third column. Then if you want to list something, click on the box in the upper right hand corner of the classified page.

  10. Scott and Shannon Knight
    Scott and Shannon Knight says:

    We have booked a cabin on the beach at the Gull Lake Resort and are really looking forward to meeting fellow boat lovers and taking our first vacation with the XK-19!

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      It’s shaping up to be a great event, and the XK-19 will be a welcome addition. Thanks for chiming in Scott & Shannon. – Texx

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