Woods And Water Day 2 – Classic Boats From Around The Country Gather For Some Premium Cruising

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Woods and Water

Shannon Knight in her classic 1973 Chris-Craft XK-19. – Photo Texx

ANOTHER DAY OF PREMIUM FALL WEATHER for Day 2 of the 2015 Woods and Water pre-events on Tuesday. We have talked about the wide range and diversity of classic boats that are pre-registered for the events this week, but as we get around and meet the participants, we are excited to see people from all over the country.

This is truly an International event and with over 130 boats registered for the boat show at Bar Harbor, this is shaping up to be an outstanding and memorable event in Minnesota.

Woods and Water

Shannon and the girls out exercising the Chris-Craft XK-19 on Tuesday – smiles all around! – Photo Texx

Correspondent Dane Anderson snapped some great photos from the Whitefish Chain of Lakes on Tuesday, and shared them with us for today’s Live-ish report. Some say that in order for a boat show to have “character” – you need to have “character’s” at the boat show. Our friend Tommy Holmes (below) fits that description perfectly.

Tuesday 3

The one-and-only Mr. Tommy Holmes with Cathe Van Gelder in “Tomcat” a 1977 17′ Century Arabian powered by a Ford 351 V-8. Mr. Holmes loves his classic Century boats, and if you give him trouble, he will give you his special flag.

Tuesday 4

From Ontario, Canada – Our friends Chris & Julie Bullen were on the water today in “Riot” – their very cool 1993 25-foot Clarion Gold Cup Raceboat with 415 HP V-8 power.

Tuesday 5

Official road warriors – Chris & Julie participated in the Lake George Gold Cup Festival in New York last weekend, then hauled the boat across 7 states (NY, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin and finally Minnesota) and arrived here on Monday night. Woody Boaters are a hardy, dedicated bunch. Welcome to Minnesota! (They even found time to write a report for Woody Boater on the Gold Cup Festival, which was published last Sunday)

Tuesday 7

Chris-Craft Historian Chris Smith (left) is also on hand this week – it’s always a pleasure to see & visit with Chris.

Tuesday 8

Charlie Underbrink in his rare Gage-Hacker utility “Devotee”.

Tuesday 9

Tuesday 10

Fellow Woody Boater Jim Staib from Fine Wood Boats in McHenry, Illinois – in his 1951 Chris-Craft 22-foot Sportsman.

Tuesday 11

From Wisconsin – Jerry & Carol Peterson in their rare 1954 24-foot Shepherd Hardtop powered by a 220 HP Chrysler Hemi.

With another fun day of cruising completed, after lunch the pre-event participants hauled out their boats for the short trip over to Bar Harbor on Gull Lake for more pre-event cruising on Wednesday. The volunteer launch ramp crew made life easy for the classic boaters.

Tuesday 12

Tuesday 13

The well prepared, always helpful Dock Crew at the C & C Boatworks launch ramp in Crosslake, MN on Tuesday. These fellows made sure that all the classic boats were properly and safely loaded on the trailers for their 40 minute journey to Gull Lake. No question that having a team of volunteers at the launch ramp makes what can be a stressful process much easier for the participants. Thanks Guys!

The last classic boat to leave the Whitefish Chain of Lakes on Tuesday (after everyone else was loaded and safely on their way to Gull Lake) was “On Point” a rare 1949 Chris-Craft 25-foot Sportsman piloted by event co-chair Dave Bortner.


As of 3:00 AM CDT here in Minnesota, it looks like he may have some slightly cooler weather with some rain showers moving through for Wednesday, but will be returning back to warmer and sunnier weather towards the weekend for the boat show which is great news.

Stay tuned for more daily updates from our location here at Gull Lake, the Bar Harbor Supper Club, as more classic boats and participants continue to roll into town for the show.


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  1. Greg Lewandowskk
    Greg Lewandowskk says:

    What a great two days of cruising some wonderful waterways. It looks like Scott and Shannon are making a lot of friends. Maybe they will recruite a few new Michigan chapter members. Thanks for the great coverage of the pre-event fun!

  2. Shannon K
    Shannon K says:

    Wow! We are so honored to be the header shot today! We have been reading Woody Boater every day since we started thinking about buying a classic boat two and a half years ago, it is crazy to see our boat featured! We have gotten a lot of help along the way from our Michigan Chapter and from people we “met” through WB. It is an awesome resource for the hobby! Thanks Matt and Texx! Also thanks to the BSLOL Chapter and the army of volunteers for putting on this great event!

  3. Rdaley
    Rdaley says:

    God announced Matts arrival at Sylvan lake (adjacent to Gull lake) where some of us are staying, at 635 AM with a very loud thunder roll and heavy rains

  4. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    WOW! More fabulous boats!

    That XK is out of sight, love the hard top Shepard, never get tired of looking a Gold Cup racers, darn I wish I was there.

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