Woody Boater Best Of Show Winners!


I love a ratty flag!

For those asking about the Fancy Judged Awards for the Clayton Show, I don’t have the list. And honestly I am not sure how they can all be judged. Each boat there is magical in some sort of way. Winning a Woody Boater Show award is based on some simple rules.

Best original flag goes to The Wolverine Flag – Owner Lee Heinzmen

First – I follow my heart and the boats that speak to me and others. Not a peoples choice award. But just a gut feeling.
Are you a nice person. Ya its our form of politics, but at least we are out front about it.

Katie spent all day talking and sharing. Okay, thats Katie’s brother, but you get the point

Ya, that’s about it. If you have modified it, great, but you better have a good reason. The YNOT Yachts gang is insane about this kinda stuff. So, I award them there annual “YNOT DO IT”  Award

The LaDonnes amazing modified for the good boats

The very cool Thunderbolt. Its cool, the story of ownership and buying it for 300 bucks in the 80’s is worthy alone. Dad built the engine. Bo and Kathy Muller did the restoration. Its a very cool version of a Thunderbolt. We award that the Best of cool boats we want award! “THE DROOL CUP” Award!

“DROOL CUP” winner – Just wait til you see Kent O. Smiths shots.. Oh man!- Okay its official, The DROOL CUP is now an official Woody Boater award!

1958 Century Roan. Its pink, its owned and loved by one of or favorite families. And it just makes me smile every time I see it and them. I give them the Family love award. Kaytlyn and Syd Marsdin

Home made custom cushions! Genus is in the detail!

And in the PreRestoric Category, only one boat there just rocked my world. An amazing 1939 17′ Chris Craft Utility. Andy Chudy brought this little varnish sucker to the show still on the original cradle she has been on since ….1940.. That’s right. When WWII started the family parked the boat in the top of a marina and it stayed there.

Simple pleasure

The best gauge panel in the world hands down, and this sucker is 100% original

BA Engine yes a model B with A – Aluminum Head

Original Lettering, the Aluminum foil has aged off

Original cushions

Still on her cradle

Crowd pleaser


Rear seats

This is Pre Restoric in its perfection

Still original finish, everything. AHHHHHHHHHH. You want to restore it and leave it alone in the same breath.

Below is the It’s About Time Award for loooong time fellow Woody Boater and great guy Bjorn Bekken

Bjorn Bakken’s wonderful 17 Barrel Back is finished and rocking. You make recall Bjorn as barrel Back Bjorn 10 years ago on Woody Boater when he started this project. YOU CAN ALSO SEE THE RESTORATION HERE

Of course I have missed some amazing boats that were there. Three 25 Sportsman in a row, Lee Andersons amazing fleet. Just crazy stuff. Since you our readers are the judges here, do you have an award winner you liked?

Winner of the Super Model Boat award.

Best Pants Award! A trim and fit Dave Bortner from Freedom Boat Service

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  1. Alan Frederick
    Alan Frederick says:

    Take a look at all of Bjorn’s restoration photos on the 17 ft. barrel back. It’s absolutely amazing. Incredible workmanship, that’s for sure.
    The final result is stunning.

  2. Johnny V.
    Johnny V. says:

    The Chudy’s Chris Craft was amazing and is the textbook definition of the cliche’ “It’s only original once”. Lots of fantastic running original engines-the Liberty in “Running Wild”, the Packards in “Scottie” and “Juno”, the Hisso in “Baby Bootlegger”,the Scripps in Bo Muller’s Sea Lyon and the original running power in many of the other boats. One of my favorites-the Chalk’s 1945 26′ Hacker triple “Elegant Lady”. Yeah, it could use some fluffing, but what a perfect user boat.

  3. Tuobanur
    Tuobanur says:

    Bjorn, beautiful work, beautiful boat. Brings back memories of my on build, appears we were working on our projects at the same time.

  4. Royce Humphreys
    Royce Humphreys says:

    Love the pictures of all of the variety. While we all enjoy our favorites, its easy to appreciate each and every entry for the amount of effort, money and desire to be caretakers for the next generation. Clayton boat show weekend is on my bucket list as it is truly a wonderful area!

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