Woody Boater Exclusive! – Boats On The Boardwalk Through The Magic Eye Of “Wylie.


Unforgettable, Dixie and Barbara J a 1956 Cadillac boat with an Evinrude Lark.

Thanks to Fellow Woody Boater and Michigan Reporter “Wylie” for reporting in from the big Boats On The Boardwalk event in Traverse Michigan home of Hagerty Insurance. . Now, I know some of you will have some fun with the fact that this event has been plastered all over facebook already, and it has. But Allen’s take on it through quality photographs and a very cool video from the water Point of view is to good to miss. You wont see these on facebook today. Thanks Wylie for sharing with us. Dang! Looks fantastic!


Boats on the Boardwalk 2016 presented by the Water Wonderland Chapter Antique and Classic Boat Society. Beautiful pleasant day in Traverse City. Large turnout meant the boardwalk was full. Poster boat Red Cedar 1947 U-22 shown underway on a calm day on Torch Lake with Dennis and Barb Hansen.


Red Cedar 1947 U-22 – Dennis and Barb Hansen.


1995 Classic Glass 22’ Century Coronado 40th Anniversary Edition from Spring Lake, Michigan Dennis Mykols


Baby Grand, Mahogamy, and 62 Ski-Doo. Richard and Ann De Boer know these waters well. Baby Grand’s home port is Traverse City, Michigan



1954 Chris Craft 24’ Holiday Michael Poort Grand Haven, Michigan


1955 Chris Craft 22’ Continental John and Carol Wolfe from Grand Rapids, Michigan


1941 Century Seamaid Triple 18’6” Kirk and Sharron Smith Beulah, Michigan


1964 16’ Century Resorter Burn Pile from Sturgis, Michigan Robert Jenks


7’5” 2016 Stargazer by 11 year old Youth Boat Builder Bryanna Tromp


18’ 1962 Cruisers Inc. model 302Y 100 hp Mercury Michael and Melissa Fairchild Platt Lake, Michigan


19’ 2015 Contemporary Classic from The Wooden Runabout Co. Holland, Michigan


35’ 1998 Hacker Craft Triple a contemporary classic from Leland, Michigan


Bicycles are welcome on the Boardwalk


In The Mood a 19’ 1941 Chris Craft Custom Tom and Susie Parsons from Charlevoix, Michigan


Jon Peele from Frankfort, Michigan brought his 158 hp Red Racer. 19’ Chris Craft Racing Runabout


1935 18’ 34 hp Utility, by Maritime Classics for Steve Martin Pentwater , Michigan

1941 22’ Chris Craft Deluxe Utility from the Cadillac Boat Shop. Cadillac, Michigan


Aboard feature boat Due Diligence with Lew Kirchner. A 1948 20’ Chris Craft Custom from Williamsburg, Michigan.


At the front of the show Due Diligence.


1935 18’ 34 hp Utility, by Maritime Classics for Steve Martin Pentwater , Michigan


The Boardman River is popular for kayaks, paddleboards, tubing and woody boats.


Brent Gatecliff brought Legends of Sleepless Hollow a 23’ 1942 Chris Craft barrelback from Waterford, Michigan.


Brent Gatecliff’s amazing barrelback the 19’ 1941 Baby Girl.


In The Mood a 19’ 1941 Chris Craft Custom Tom and Susie Parsons from Charlevoix, Michigan

Thanks again to Allen Lee for the fantastic report!

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow, Monday for the big reveal of the Barrel Back Barn find!


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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    That boat built by an 11 year old is impressive. I can’t get my almost 11 year old to do anything with tools.

  2. Dennis Hansen
    Dennis Hansen says:

    The author is Allen Willey from our sister State of Michigan chapter, the “Michigan Chapter”. Thanks Allen for such a terrific production for Woody Boater. It was a great day. Come join us next year and then you can go to the show at Hessel Michigan (just a 3 hour drive) the next weekend. Thanks to Richard and Ann DeBoer, Chairs, for another wonderful event.

  3. TommyHolm
    TommyHolm says:

    This is the mess that these classic wooden boat shows have become with their all inclusiveness, everyone is welcome, get the next generation of crazies involved and push the Christopher Crafts and Thoroughbreds of Boats aside. Where will it end? Where will it end? Hint: the pontoons are coming, the pontoons are coming.

    • Dennis J Mykols
      Dennis J Mykols says:

      Tommy. if you don’t think this is “Cool Glass”, your ass is grass. lol, lol, lol…
      This vessel is of siginfgant history, being a 1968 and retaining it’s orginal Four cyl Vovlo engine and Vovlo Penta outdrive. Also the cool swivel helms seat that lift’s up the whole engine hatch.
      By the way, this was Roger Pecina’s of Mahogany Outffiters, choice for his Annual “Best Classic Glass” award, given to the Wooden Runabout Restoration Shop in Holland, MI

      • Dennis J Mykols
        Dennis J Mykols says:

        Pushing aside the Woodies, look at that LONG row of mahogany on display, and only five Classic Glass mingled in…

        • TheMarinePatrol
          TheMarinePatrol says:

          BTW, the USCG Rules & Standards clearly state that not more than 10 percent of vessels moored on the starboard side at ACBS sanction and insured boat shows shall have more than 68% of hull material of fiberglass, epoxy or plastic substance.

  4. Barb Hansen
    Barb Hansen says:

    Thanks for the great coverage and also, the video by Allen Willey! Obviously, the BOB venue is beautiful and convienent. It’s always a fun Show. The DeBoer’s do a great job of organization.
    The video was shot before everyone docked. By the time everyone tied up, there was room left for one boat comfortably or 2 squeezed in at the mouth end of the Boardman River.
    So glad you posted all of this. We would never have seen the video otherwise. Thanks again.

  5. Ron in Seattle
    Ron in Seattle says:

    First, in the video, I knew it was a CC Custom from the one-of-a-kind front deck fairleads!
    Second, OK Matt here is the classic example of: I guess it was on facebook, but I don’t know that, I am not there friend. And I don’t search for Boat stories on FB, I expect WoodyBoater to be there. Either with one of you two, or a “reporter” in the field, “live-ish”. This is the quality story no one will ever get on FB. The chapters need FB to appeal to the younger crowd to get them started with an interest.
    Time to put on your big boy pants, and forge ahead with the quality we all expect from you and Texx. Leave FB behind! Bringing up the rear so-to-speak! Don’t be that farm animal at the Barn Find!

  6. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    Not a fan of pontoons, but the fiberglassic in Tommy Holmes photo is cool ! And a fine looking boat by the young builder. Glad WoodyBoater chose to run the show coverage. I’m sure I am not the only one who would not have seen it, if it only ran elsewhere.

    • Barb Hansen
      Barb Hansen says:

      Look closely at the turquoise and white deck boat. It has a hull which actually has storage below deck.
      The boat is a fun, unique example of American boating history. We heard many great reactions from viewers as the boat was right behind our’s. We never heard a negative remark. People loved the boat!
      Aren’t we trying to encourage people to enjoy our boats and maybe get addicted to them,too? This strikingly colored boat made people smile yesterday. Seems to me that should be part of what we’re trying to do when we all share our boats. You never know what will motivate someone to start looking for a classic boat!
      Let’s enjoy the preservation and history of each other’s boats.

  7. Wylie
    Wylie says:

    To clear a little confusion “Wylie” is just a nickname. My chapters are Water Wonderland (Interlochen) and Dixieland (Nashville). Thomas is right, the pontoons are coming.

  8. Ed F
    Ed F says:

    Thank You Matt for the great coverage of Boats On The Boardwalk. We had perfect weather and what is believed to be a record turn out both in boats entered and people viewing the boats. I was part of the parking lot crew and had the opportunity to talk to people as they arrived. There were a number of people who had not attended our show before and a few who were first timers for displaying their boats at any show. Looks to me like WoodyBoating is on the rise. Only 2 of the 6 boats built in our Youth Boat Building program were on display. At first this was disappointing, but after seeing the boats and visiting with the kids and their families, and hearing about their experience finishing their boats, I believe this is a great program and with a few tweaks can continue on successfully. In past years we did have all the youth boats on display. Wednesday morning we will head north for a long weekend in the Les Cheneaux Islands and the Hessel boat show. We heard from a reliable source that there is a record number of 146 boats registered for the show.

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