A Woody Trip Around Beautiful Nice, Friendly, Historic, Classic, Fun, Lake Hopatcong!


Welcome to Lake Hopatcong!

On Sunday around 9AM a group of folks from the Lake Hopatcong ( by the way.. It’s HOE, like garden hoe – PAT, like Sajack, and  CONG, like King Kong! ) anyway, they, we,  all got together for a fun run around the lake. We thought it would fun to publish  today to virtulay extend your weekend and  go along for the ride.

The gang all gathered in the middle of the lake..

The gang all gathered in the middle of the lake..



Bob Rice and his award winning U22 – Its original to the lake and has only left the lake once in its entire life. ONCE.. Dang!



S stunning Lapstrake outboard for your lapstrake fix this morning



The sun came out just as we took off. What a stunning day!



The photo boat? None other than the multiple award winning Cobra 21″ Finito Thanks to Seth Katz for doing the driving..



Now thats a photo boat!



Come on, this thing will start.. Yes Dear! No it will, yes dear.. See it started.. I smell gas..



Big or small, on Lake Hopatcong its about history and fun..



Even all the big shots were there.



Stunning homes along the way make it a joy to tour the lake.



More stunning historic homes.



At many of the homes folks were out on there decks waving. This Lake loves their Woodys.






A quick stop into Katz’s Marina to un wrap some more goodness. Look closely and you can see Pumpkin ready to go!



Lots of little twists and turns around Islands and into coves make this a perfect lake, just 45 minutes west of NYC.. Amazing!



Thats Main Lake Market. The perfect stop for amazing sandwiches and gas..



Dynamite out running around some more. This little 16″ Special racer is a joy to see and flies!



And we end our trip with bob Rice again.. Thanks Bob!

For more information on the Lake Hopatcong ACBS you can just click here.

By the way the very first ACBS chapter out there..

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  1. Bill Hammond
    Bill Hammond says:

    Thank you for the pronunciation guide. Nice to know I’ve been pronouncing it correctly.

    • John Baas
      John Baas says:

      But which of the three sih-LAH-bulls gets the accent?
      HOE-pat-cong, hoe-PAT-cong or hoe-pat-CONG?

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Only 45 minutes from NYC is about 3 hours too close.

    Did they have any food? Let’s see some pics of the grub and beverages available at the show to help us decide if we want to attend next year. For example, Hessel has a bunch of junky old boats, but just mention the Oberon and you know a crowd will show up. Sunnyland is anything but sunny, but they have chicken on a stick. What does hoe-PAT-cong have to offer?

  3. rebel
    rebel says:

    You forgot the pronunciation of “Lake”, as in Kentucky Wonder “lakes” good southern cookin’.

    • Kentucky Wonder
      Kentucky Wonder says:

      Yes, he does. Unfortunately, he is having to cut back due to waistline issues. Still cannot refuse fresh biscuits and hot gravy, though. Oh, and cheese grits, especially Charleston-style shrimp-and-grits.

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