Wow! What A Day In Clayton!

The day was fantastic. The auction was a hit. The Chris Craft cruiser was the highlite of the day and the big sale.. The rain never came and the weather was perfect. We will be on the road heading home and will report late in the day the results of the awards…here are some of the sale prices..

Owens cruiser goes for 8k.. On the surface a good price.. But oh boy, I hope they knew what they were buying.. Survey says!
Chris Craft Cruiser – $43,500.. Worth 4 times the money.. This boat was And is. BRAND NEW!
Hacker, Kurt Busch, reached 70K no sale. Nice boat , tasteless name, no way the women would want to ride in a boat called Wet Spot..
Chris Craft Aluminym Roaner. Deal of the day, $1,500 Needed work.. but very cool boat
Chris Craft 24 1959 Sportsman, $13,500 Nice boat..ish.. Rougher in real than in photos.. A lot rougher..
MoonRaker Tribute Boat NO SALE.. reached in the 20’s..The economy is Shaken and stirred..And in the end.. A Glastron Plastic boat with a hard top..

Stuff was selling at a nice price boat, and no real steals or outrageous high prices.. So all in all a great event within a small but strong boat show.

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  1. randy & ginger
    randy & ginger says:

    what year was kurt bush’s hacker and do you remember what price it got up to before the bidding was halted?

    and $43K for a boat that had $170k invested…i’m going to be sick….

    there goes our retirement plans…back to investing in our 401k…yeah, right!

    so….what’d ya buy?

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    The 43k for a cruiser with $170k in it does not really sound out of whack to me. You almost never get your money out, and cruisers seem to consistently hold much less value. I am not sure I would have spent $43k on that boat, and if I did I would do so only with the intention of using it, and no expectation it would ever sell for more or even that much.

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