You Can Still Buy A Classic Chris-Craft At The New York Boat Show.


Shot on left NYC Boat Show courtesy Mariner's Museum, and right one.. from the 2011 NYC Boat Show.

Thanks to the good folks at Antique Boat America you can still do what your dear old pop did back in the day. This year … heck… this Weekend you can walk into the 2011 New York Boat Show at the Javits Center in The Big Apple and walk out owning an Antique or Classic boat. Who cares if that boat was bought in the 40’s by Herb and Edna Thompson of Cheboygan in Cheboygan  and has no real bragging rights like many of today’s top show winners, who’s linage goes back to the New York boat Show.. Your new to you, classic boat now can be honestly, sincerely said to be bought at the New York Boat….2011… Just mumble that part.. OK, so lets say you don’t buy a boat.. You can stop by and say hidey ho to the Antique Boat America/Canada guys and have your picture taken with them, and … well, I am not sure what that gets you.. If you go to the Chicago show like yesterdays story, you might see a guy in a banana hammock. There is always that.. or not.. Maybe that’s a good reason to go to NYC…

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  1. Chris
    Chris says:

    So….Should owners on the classics on the left wear Burmuda shorts….owners of the banana yellow plastic boat on the right wear yellow banana hammocks? Usually the hammocks were reserved for the go fast guys with the gold chains…

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