You Can Still Smell The Varnish This Weekend!


Got cabin fever? Ball and chain driving you crazy? Wondering why you own a classic boat? Well my friend, you need a dose of Woody Boaters Fabulous Super Fantastic Magic Varnish Elixir! Just sniff your screen and click.. Really.. OK, you may need to get into your car.. and drive.. It’s OK.. And drive to Ohio and see Tony Mollica talk at the Antique Boat Center this weekend.. Then sniff the screen again and head up to Chicago and see the big boat show.. That’s right.. Varnished boats.. In doors on blue carpet…Now, if you are not ready to take that leap into the natural wonders of this earths finest weather. Or you can head out to Portland for there fun inside show. See, It’s a classic boat weekend after all.. snnniiiiiffff! Ahhhh that’s good stuff!

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  1. ARRRGH!
    ARRRGH! says:

    And, if all that sniffing isn’t quite doin’ it for ya, hang on until February 26th and join us Sunnylanders in Central Florida for a wine tasting cruise!

    Matt, love the “What folks are saying on Boat Buzz” sidebar!

    • Al Benton
      Al Benton says:

      ARRRGH, that Boat Buzz side bar is bringing a lot more visitors to the Chris-Craft site lately. We used to see 10-15 but now are seeing many more. Just yesterday there were 50 plus at one point. The average is probably 20 plus at a time. That is great.

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