100 Outside, And Feeling Like We’re Floating On Air.

BEat heat 2

The Boatress – All smiles

This past weekend we decided to stay outdoors the entire weekend. Knowing full well, that the second we went inside, no one would want to go out again. So we decided we were gonna burn up some fossle fuel instead of electricity. I have to say we got our 60 gallons worth for sure.

beat heat 4

Lots of heat trails from planes.

beat heat 3

Exploring small forgotten waterways.

KC's Windmill Point

We stopped at KC’s at Windmill Point for a fantastic lunch. BTW, the best dam burger in the area.

The water here on the Chesapeake Bay was flat and very few boaters. It was perfect. Jimmy in his 70’s Mako and the Boatress and I in the 25 Sportsman. IMG_9832 (1)

It was perfect, and when you hit about 20 knots, the heat just disappeared and the warmth of the sun baked in memories that will last though winter. At one point with Dolphins around us, it felt like we were just floating on air.

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    You need a fly360 4K mounted over the engine box. Take Woodyboaterville to the cutting edge of action video while freeing yourself from film duties.

  2. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Did you camp out in a tent at night to keep from going inside with the A/C ?
    Oh…Can you mail some clam chowder this way ?

  3. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    I spent the same day on the same waters….but paid the one and only price for having a 6 knot boat…..no speed/wind relief!

    Hot as the hinges of hell….but hey….we are tough in ole Va.

    Heat or not….we “go boating”!

    John in Va.

  4. kevin F
    kevin F says:

    I too, took to the heat this weekend. Headed out of Annapolis towards the Eastern Shore, did some swimming, and grabbed a crab pizza at Kentmoor.

    But the day could not end because it was night. With a fantastic moon making the water sparkle, smooth seas, and too much fuel left in the tank, I headed up to the Bay bridge, guided by the moon, but with no agenda.

    I was the only boat out as I sped under the great span, with the lights of the bridge above, the only sound was the cut water breaking the water and the mighty roar of 245hp, finely allowed to run free and push the old girl to 40 mph.

    My course was more of a meander, with the destination just more wind in my face.

    These are the nights that are worth the days.

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