12 Days Til You Get To Take Home Your Dream Herter Duofoil 16′ Flying Fish!


Imagine your self floating around in turquoise plastic.. I love this dang boat!

Oh, it’s not just any Herter Duofoil 16′ Flying Fish.. it’s a “Deluxe” version.. Not sure what that gets you.. maybe a side of frys and a slice of tomato? But you my friend, in an sea of Herter Duofoil 16′ Flying Fish’s, you will have the “Deluxe” one.. All the Herter Duofoil 16′ Flying Fish fans will bow to you Mr “Deluxe” man… Just think, in 12 days… You can be motering down the highway on your way home.. FOR GODS SAKE, don’t go over 30mph though.. Or those wings may launch that thing and next thing you know,  your Herter Duofoil 16′ Flying Fish “Deluxe” will be passing you by.. And you and Jane are not going to be happy about that. Either way though, flying, or on the water, this is one cool iconic boat, and for that reason alone, worth every penny.. so, sneak into Elroys room, steal the penny jar and get to the Mecum Auction on the 25th near Genva Lake!

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    • Frank Miklos
      Frank Miklos says:

      The boat on pawn stars was over priced Rick did well not buying it… It was about a 4K – 5K boat in its condition… For this boat to be a 10K + Boat it would have needed a lot of $ put into it… Not enough profit margin in it for Rick…

  1. matt
    matt says:

    This boat is pure art, and smart people are scooping these sorts of things up at bargain prices. This stuff will be worth a small fortune one day because its so iconic.

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    Love it, and I didn’t even know they existed before this. One of the things I love about this blog is the new stuff I learn (since I know so little most of it is new). Trailer it into a drive-in, sit in it and let the waitress rollerskate up to take your order.

  3. Phil Widmer
    Phil Widmer says:


    Inquiring minds want to know about the show in Reedville. Are you working on a blog on the show for us?


  4. brian
    brian says:

    I wonder if this boat makes that little Jetson “beedoo beedoo beedoo” sound as it races across the water?

    Hate to deal with a ski rope with an engine and those tall fins back there.

    Beautiful boat though. Wish the current “designers” of boats and cars and everything else had any sense of real style and innovation.

    This baby is iconic now – what stuff today will be iconic in 30 or 40 years from now?

    Surely not a Mastercraft wake boat.

    And don’t call me Shirley.

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      Shirley – Back when I was a kid water skiing behind my fathers Dunphy Imperial outboard, we (and most of the outboard boats on the lake) had a water ski set-up that was a nylon ski rope that simply attached to hooks on each side of the vertical transom.

      This rope formed a triangle around the outboard, with the third point being a small plastic wheel & buoy that you hooked the ski rope to, and it rolled back and forth on the triangular rope avoiding the outboard. When the rope was loose, the buoy floated to avoid getting caught in the prop.

      It worked great, and I remember hooking multiple ski ropes to that contraption, as many as the 100HP outboard would tow and then some. As kids, we never thought (or worried) about the eye hooks in the transom pulling out of the transom, and they never did…

      I haven’t thought about that vintage water ski set-up for 35 years, until today.

      I need a rest now…

  5. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    If they had made a 10′ version of that it would make a great tender for the Tolly – I’ve gotten real fond of Turquoise lately…:)

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      Steve – Yes, I remember those things, they were standard issue PFD’s for water skiers back in the day – at least where I was… They seemed to work alright, as long as you didn’t have a body that was shaped like a bowling pin!

      Probably illegal today.

  6. Jay Wagner
    Jay Wagner says:

    Yes,in the state of Wisconsin the belt is illegal,and the thing that Matt talked about is a ski bridle. We sell a few of them a year at the ski/ boat store. Yeah, you guys are right what is going to be collectible in 20 years? About the only boat I can think of is the Malibu Corvette. Google it to see one!

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