19 Days Til The Big Mecum Auction… Yes It’s Over 18….

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It's a show after the show.. This jaw dropping 1967 17' Century Resorter with.. get this.. 80 original hrs on it..

Ya YA , there is an international show, lots a insane boats.. ya ya, in a stunning setting, everyone will be there.. But if you hang out, and you should, Mecum is putting on a whopper of a boat auction..Yup, right there after the big International show.. Kinda like foreplay.. Ya get to drool all over some amazing boats at the show, get yourself all worked up…and then on Sunday the 25th .. Bam! It’s over… and you are hitched..and broke… OK, the metaphor keeps going, you are on your own for that.. Thats what comment sections are for..

OUCH! This killer 1937 Ventnor 18' Racing Runabout could be yours.. Just imagine your neighbors eyes when you pull up in this.. Then start it.. Watch your neighbors ears bleed! Oh yeah, thats what I am talking about...

OK , this one is for Phil in New Zealand.. WE LOVE THIS BOAT! And its water Certified from the Antique Boat Center!!! AHHHHHHHHHH! Come on Phil, ya just had a kid, this may be the closest you get to a good BAM ! And it’s blue! This amazing 1955 Century Arabian..  We even gave it its own link.. Just for you Phil.. Did you put it on your screen Phil?

Ohhhhhhhhh, Phil.... Is that New Zealand Blue? Yes, I think it is! That would look so cool next to that Palamino

Oh, the interior.. Like looking dont you Phil... feel your hand on the wheel already, oh, to shift that gear, hear the motor screaming.. FULL THROTTLE PHIL! FULL THROTTLE!


Lets go for a ride Phil... Here is the other side.. look at thos gauges? that step pad phil, it says step all over me.. But please have clean shoes.. See it's already nagging you..

Grrrr, a full motor shot.. look at those perky erect stiff spark plug wires.. OK, I have to stop now.. this is just getting strange..

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    It is Spring time for Phil, perfect buying season for those on the wrong side of the planet. Up here though we are looking at snow in a few weeks. I think I am going to sit this auction out.

  2. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Good morning America! Yes that is indeed one lovely Arabian. Thanks for plastering her all over the page Matt!
    This boat has been on my radar for a couple of years. Ive not seen it in the flesh but I have a million pictures of the restoration carried out by ABC. There is a wonderful promotional picture of one in the CENTURY book and it looks so damn pretty. Originally the boat was much darker blue like the Arbib illustration. I like the lighter colour she is now. I would seriously LOVE to own it but currently I have no where to store a 4th boat. Wait, I could use one of the kids bedrooms……….. hmmm.
    Someone is going to get a real sweetheart boat. One with nothing to do on it, Guaranteed. Matt you buy it and I will come over next summer and we will hang out with her.

  3. Frank Miklos
    Frank Miklos says:

    Is this mechum auction going to be legit? Herd things about the Warner aucton that makes you wonder…

    Philip Disagree with you on the blue color… The darker ones look so cool… There was a beautiful Blue 56 Arabian at Clayton a few years back … It looked so much better… And it was much closer to being authentic looking than this one which I’ve seen a few times… Here is a photo of the beautiful 56 Arabian that was at Clayton in 2008. http://centuryboatclub.com/56arabian.jpg

  4. matt
    matt says:

    Dammmmm, I was about to get all snippy with Mr Frank, and then I saw the dark blue one.. Dang, I like both.. Dang? Imagine seeing that in the show room, you would not be able to stop yourself.. Dang, thanks Frank.. Buy it Phil.. The baby just needs a place to sleep.. Thats what dresser drawers are for, they wont remember it anyway. And you will have a new baby blue boat..

  5. Josh Hagen
    Josh Hagen says:

    Philip, Matt is on the right track, but just use the new boat instead of the dresser drawers. We have a six month old, and it’s amazing how the gentle rocking of the boat and the lapping of the waves puts him right to sleep… See you at the show Texx.

  6. Frank Miklos
    Frank Miklos says:

    The 56 Arabian is still owned by the same owner… I tried to get him to bring it to Manistee a few times but he does not think it is good enough… When actually it may have taken our top prize the last two years… I believe it is in up state NY or a lower NE state…

    We don’t see many good blue Arabians this is one of them


    Also Matt glad you didn’t get real snippy… I’ll leave it at that…

    Manistee Show (Century Boat Club) this weekend… Do you want info:

  7. Frank Miklos
    Frank Miklos says:

    Just checked other photos the boat is registered in NY. I don’t have the owner’s name off hand… I do have it somewhere… The restorer is at the wheel… I know his name but can’t think of it off hand…

  8. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Joel and Diana, would you like to sell your Arabian?
    If so please email me through Matt at Woody Boater.


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