1940 Barrel Back On eBay! Boy, Is Everything For Sale?

It must be getting cold out, cause the land rush of cool boats selling is getting a tad ridiculous. Not sure yet if it’s the looming depression, or just stuff that needs to go. Either way, it’s a crappy time to sell anything, and a killer time to buy. Here is the latest. A restorable 17 ft Barrel Back on eBay with a buy it now of 13K. The last one we featured on eBay sold for around that. Just note, if you plan on restoring this boat, there is no half way to do it, and fully expect to fork out 50K to do that right. So you are in it for 65K, Add another 15K just because, and you are at 80K. That’s close to the reality. Now.. wait a bit, and you might find restorers dropping there prices. But not by much. The world of Barrel Backs is somewhat economy proof… And a timeless design. in fact, this may be a better investment than the stock market right now… mmmmmm UPDATE, BUY IT NOW IS $13,000 Normally I would say WOW, but this market is very strange. Previous posting back in Jan Sold for 15K Same type of boat. Click here..