1941 Chris Craft 19 Foot Barrel Back For Sale! I Want To Cry!

This is one painful posting. But it needs to be done. I need to sell Sylvia. As many of you know, this was my dream boat. Not intended for sale. In the process of restoring her though I let my ego take over and that is always a mistake. And now I must do what I always knew in the back of my head I needed to do. Sell her. Yes I will be loosing a ton of money. But hopefully can recoup some of it and move on to a boat that more matches my needs. A more user boat. This boat as many of you know is a true treasure, very rare and the most beautiful boat out there. But I also like to use the heck out these things and I have to much of me into it to enjoy that. So she is listed on the tradingdock.org if you are interested in the dirty details. I am willing to trade or sell. Something interesting. Right now its a 20 foot custom, or a red and white.

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  1. El Mirage
    El Mirage says:

    i just wanted to say i am sorry to hear this news. its always very hard to let go of something you have put so much of yourself into. i once had a car i said i would never let go….well 2 kids later and it was time! i do look forward to your next project though…as i am sure you are. i think sometimes its the projects that keep us going…not the final product.

  2. Sea Skiffer
    Sea Skiffer says:

    Matt – my condolences…as stated i’m sure you’ll find another, even better!

    FRANCHINI says:

    There has been a Red & White listed on the Seattle Craig’s List for some time now. Make a trip out West and we can show you around the waters in the Northwest while your here! Sorry to hear about your boat sale, but good luck on the next!

  4. woody boater
    woody boater says:

    Thanks. Yup, That express is to new. It doesnt hve the cool round windows like the 48’s I think thats the year. Although the one on Craigslist is extremly rare. Not a prototype if its a 60’s boat though. There is a 58 on Antique Boat Company’s web site, and an early one like I want at halls Marina in NY link on side here. Thanks for thinking of me though. If you by the Barell Back I will deliver it to seatle.

    FRANCHINI says:

    As much as I would love to have your Barell Back, it does not seem to be big enough to use as a live-a-board, which I would have to do if I brought home another boat!
    The Red & White I told you about is not currently listed. It shows up about once every 3 weeks. It is a 1948 era boat with the small port hole window. Our local ACBS president owned its sister ship for years and is currently restoring it for another owner.

    By the way, thank you for your site! It makes a great break in the day that I look forward to every day!

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