1948 Ventnor For Sale. It's Ready To Go… Kinda!

Here’s your chance to get a cool 1948 Ventnor… You know it’s a Ventnor because of her name… Well, you know…they look just like every other boat out there.. This one claims to have been restored and is ready to go….For the right price I suppose it doesn’t matter how ready to go it is. Regardless – one thing is for sure, this is one cool boat..Dang.. You can buy it on eBay here. OR at the sellers web site HereAnd if you want to take it home, click here….

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I just love how Boatlife Caulking can RESTORE a boat bottom. WOW why didn't I think of that.
    Coulda had a V8:):):)
    ps: bored today !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. WoodyBoater
    WoodyBoater says:

    Yes it is rather interesting.. Might be fun to be on the maiden voyage.. I might learn some new curs words…

  3. Don Roberts
    Don Roberts says:

    I owned one of these Ventnors in 1954 in Cincinnati, oh. The engine was tired (4cylinder Gray) so I installed a reject lrft-hand Chrysler Imperial marine engine. Doubled the weight,increased the speed to about 40 mph (no gps in those days) and tripled
    the fuel consumption.
    We regularly ran the boat down river to the Dayton boat harbor
    (old Avalon Steamer) for a night of partying. I now ponder about the whereabouts of Bill Hodge Jr. and Jerry Scott and I wonder if they think about the old times.

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