1951. An Iconic Year For The Chris Craft Sportsman.

Imagine it’s 1951 and you want to go boat’n… You have looked around and you say… self… we want a Chris Craft 22 foot Sportsman, the kids say OK…..your wife June Cleaver who is standing there with make up and your dinner says OK dear…. the dog says OK and all is well in Palookaville. Well. wake up, it’s not 1951. But you can have a great freshly restored 1951 U22 now…. According to some, the 1951 year was a great year for U22’s. It was just something about the fact that Chris Craft had perfected the craft over the years. No real weak areas like the early ones. The three spoke wheel is a certain giveaway to identify one. If you look closely in this case they did a custom version of the three spoke standard wheel witha banjo wheel. These are the models for example that Pat Curtin Mr Golden Pond boat wrangler man and U22 guru swears by these models of U22’s….. So here is your chance to get that new varnish smell in your garage … Click here for this one featured…... A Tohoe winner by the way…it ain’t cheap, but compared to the cost of a restoration…..it’s at the U22athon so take the sale price and subtract another 5% for reading it here, and Join the Chris Craft Antique boat Club and save another 5%.. On this boat that’s over $5,000 … see it pays to read Woody Boater…. There is also a wonderful history of a restoration on one here.. at the Antique boat Shop. And of course a very well known 1951… Lucky 7 at Fine Wood Boats. This is one of Jim Staibs personal boats… That tells you something…

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Hi, My name is Gord Hooker and Im located in Port Perry Ontario, thats about one and a half hours south of Muskoka. I have been very interested in wood boats my entire life and in the past 10 years have managed to buy two 18 foot Shepherds. Im also a big internet person spending a large amount of my free time reading and looking at wood boat sales and restoration information.Two months ago I run across your daily blog and I must tell you that I look forward to you posts every day.I have gathered more information from your site in the last two monts as I have in the last ten years….Bravooo.

    Here is a question for you, as mentioned I have two Shepherds both user boats that I would like to trade for one excellent V8 boat…you know something interesting I love Shepherds but I would buy a Chris.Do you know of a dealer that has inventory that would be willing to trade.

    Keep up the good work. Gord Hooker

  2. WoodyBoater
    WoodyBoater says:

    Hi Gord, Jim is right. I started a feature here called Woody Barter knowing that trading would be on the rise. It is around the world. But in classic boats its very tough. Each boat is so individual. Now dealers may not be as picky… Mitch LaPointe owns all his boats. So he may be a good try. Antique Boat center also has a huge selection and could act as a broker. Sometimes a middle man in this sort of deal helps. I am in the same boat. I have a very nice barrel back and want a U22. but it requires cash on the U22's part. And that's tough. you are offering a 2 for one deal. That may work. Send me some images and some info on what you are looking for and have and we will do a fun story on it after U22 Month is done. my email is msmith@smithgifford.com

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