1952 Rowlett Dual Cockpit Boat Forces New Guidelines From The CBC

Rowlett Boat

Fellow WoodyBoater Matt Yancer spent the past 2 years or so restoring this wonderful and very rare Rowlett boat. Never heard of one? Thats okay. You are not alone. Around the Richmond VA area it was made and sold through Rowlett’s a very well known bike, and general fun stuff store. It closed its doors in 2012 after being in business for 95 years. I remember buying a bike there when I went to collage there. So of course, I have an attraction to this little varnish sucker.

A pal sent me this the other day. My apartment in 1979 in Richmond. Thats my White Corvair. LOVED THAT CAR. Wait this is about the boat. 

Nicely done with her original engine

No details on the bottom, but looks nice

Ready to go!

Also I think? Don’t have my books here in quarantineville, but I do think Bob Speltz did do a half page on Rowlett Boats. Either way, here on Craigslist is Matt’s fully restored one. Which was also featured in a WoodyBoater What iz It story back in 2017. Oh the good old days. Cough cough.. Here is that story. HERE.

Old photo of the Rowlett Boat.

I am hoping that someone around the Richmond area wants to keep some of the local history alive, and have some fun while they are at it. I have been given strict guidelines here by the CBC – The Control For Boat Control. Ya. It’s run by the Dr Boatress who is claiming there is scientific proof that if I get close to a boat I “Always Wanted” I will get it. So I am locked in here, and she is developing an Eye mask and nose plugs for not smelling varnish. I digress. It’s all a hoax! We don’t want to overwhelm the Restoration shops. Wow, this story went off the rails fast.

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    • Matt
      Matt says:

      HAHAH Art School and fraternities were at oposite ends of the food chain. I stayed clear of any of that PlegPin stuff.

      • Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )
        Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P ) says:

        I stayed away from frats also Matt. There is a lot to be said for us GDI’s. What a cool little boat! Of course I have a soft spot for those 50s Evinrude Fast Twins, Smooth and quick. As always, thanks for sharing.

  1. Chad
    Chad says:

    Sorry, uncalled for.

    Cool little boat. Great restoration, Matt (Yancer)!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. John Eidt
    John Eidt says:

    Great looking Corvair, I mean boat, had 4 of them, I mean Corvairs. Don’t want to count boats. Missing pictures of Corvairs. Lots of pictures of boats.

  3. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    wow, back in the day day! I had a white 62 Corvair and lived for a while, we all did, on the same street Matt did in Richmond. Rowlett’s was a sort of competitor of my father whose business was the Sportsman’s Shop in Cary Town in Richmond. I too got my first bike from Rowlett’s. Carwich Marine was the Whirlwind dealer that I recall and I remember the Rowlett. My early interest/fear of wooden boats came from being “seat meat” in a two many required “Great James River Race” from Richmond to Hampton Rhodes in a souped up 25hp Whirlwind riding with one of the company owners! I was about 10. Wild ride…and he had no shuttle vehicle in Norfolk so, while he slept, I drove that baby home switching tanks on the fly! God I am old….John in Va.

  4. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I have never lived in Richmond and I never owned a Corvair. They stopped making them before I was born, and up here the road salt converted them to dust before I could walk, let alone drive.

    I have driven boats, but never a Rowlett, and given the name, I am not feeling much confidence in the power plant. Seems like a boat you should be prepared to “Row” back to the dock.

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