1955 Whirlwind Boat On eBay. This Could Be A Very Good Deal!

Here it is, the deal of the week. The 14 foot 1955 Whirlwind! Right now as of the posting, it’s $500 bucks, NO RESERVE, 3 days left. And anything under $1500 for this boat is petty theft. $500 is a federal crime, punishable by death from other woody boaters that did not read this! But these are the times that such criminal activity is normal. From the shots, looks like it might need some varnish and clean up. That can be done in the garage in two weekends. And you are woody boat’n for under $2,000 bucks. Dang! Dang! Dang! UPDATE… SOLD FOR $900 WAY TO GO e**r on eBay…

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Matt I wish you would’nt broadcast ebay deals. Exspecially the ones I am going to bid on.
    Phil in VA.

  2. Editor
    Editor says:

    HA! Maybe the 3 million folks that saw it yesterday wont tell anyone! I actually hesitated on this one. This has all the makings of a steal. But I thought, what if none of the woody boaters saw it on eBay…. Tough choice, and since I dont have a pot to piss in. Oh well. But for 500 bucks…..My wife would never notice. I could just blend it in with all the others.

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