1957 Chris – Craft 17 Sportsman Project On Ebay – Won’t Last Long

Note the way he wrapped the trailer. Details The owner is thoughtful. Good sign

Normally I would let a story like this wait until the next day, but my gut tells me this is a good deal and may go fast. Maybe not. After all my gut likes Chicken on a stick. But this year and model are great little boats, and the bottom has been done! Has a trailer etc. If you bought one of these unrestored you would pay more.

And he has done the expensive part. This can sometimes be the way to get into classic boating affordably. You finish the rest yourself. Anyway, hope  YOU CAN SEE IT HERE ON EBAY

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  1. Matt
    Matt says:

    We published this story around 9PM, it was sold at 12:57 AM East Coast time for folks into that sort of thing.

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