1958 Original Chris Craft Kit Boat Still In It's Original Box. For Sale By It's Original Owner.

Well, naming this boat will be easy. “Pack Rat” This item just showed up on craigslist. Not eBay! Original owner claims that the box has not been opened ever, except to take photo’s. Holey cow. I have emailed him to ask him to donate the darn thing to the ACBS or the Chris Craft Club. For gods sakes the next owner should not build it. You can buy a new kit for half the price now from James Craft Kit Boats. No they are not original, but is a brand new old kit worth any more than a new brand new kit? The charm of this item is that it’s still in the box, and thus a perfect museum item. This same issue has come up before, and the result is the same. The value is in the originality, not the user aspect. So, here it is, sell what’s left of your 401K and start your own boat museum! http://stlouis.craigslist.org/boa/882726461.html if this is a dead link after a couple of days he also has a web site with more photos… http://artisticwebdesignz.com/catalog/chriscraftimages.html
Also on the trading post http://www.tradingdock.org/1383

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  1. Roy Wallis
    Roy Wallis says:

    Interested in cruising craft boat kit to please call Roy Wallis in wichita Kansas phone number is 316 -425- 8313 very interested and dont use e-mail very often. Thank you

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